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Can I Have More than Two Guardian Angels?

Ask An Angel Intuitive


Question: If most people have 2 guardian angels why do some people have 3 or more?

Response from Eileen - Such a wonderful question!

The angels tell me that those people who call on or work with angels often will be surrounded by many more. I have a friend who calls on all the archangels every day, and she is always surrounded by so many angels! It is the "Ask and you shall receive" phrase at work here. Also, those people who tend to help others, who are teachers, volunteers, activists, people doing any good works in the world will tend to have more angels assisting them in spreading Light onto our planet.

The angels love to work with people they refer to as "The Creator's tools." These are people the angels say are the helpers of the Higher Realms here on Earth. These people help in changing our world to a more healthy, balanced and loving place for all living beings and so the angels will offer these people all the assistance and support they can give.

Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive

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