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Angel Assistance

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Question: I am having trouble figuring what I am supposed to be doing with my life. How and where do I get guidance?

Response from Eileen - Dear Lynda, The very best way to receive guidance is to strengthen your connection to your angels. When you do this their love, guidance, and wisdom becomes a daily presence in your life. You will also become more tuned into when your angels are guiding you on specific challenges in your life. It is far better to receive their guidance yourself than to seek out psychics. I always seek to empower my clients in this way than rely on me as the go between.

Please take a look at the Q&A archives for my column here and read through the information about how you are wired and how angels speak to us.

Build a Bridge to Your Angels for Five Minutes a Day

Also consider doing one thing every day, even if it is for five minutes, to build your bridge to your angels. You may consider going for a walk in nature or meditating. Our angels are always there but doing these types of things can make the bridge to them stronger and easier to access. In the archives I also give more examples of things you can do, but the important thing is picking something that can easily fit into your daily routine and become what I call the Divine daily devotion.

Get in the Habit of Asking for Angel Assistance

For you personally, your angels say to think about a daily devotion you could do that is simple and something you would stick with. Try something as simple as saying a prayer to them and then sitting quiet for 3 minutes to then sense their presence. You could simply say "Beloved angels, come into my energies now, bring clarity, healing, love, wisdom."

There is a Universal Law that says that angels cannot intercede or assist you unless you ask for it. So get in the habit of asking for their guidance. Strengthen the bridge that is already built for each and every one of us.

Walk in beauty,
Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive

Disclaimer: The services and information provided above are for entertainment purposes only. Eileen Smith and this column, services and products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disorder/disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or doctor or financial adviser.

Each week, we invite a different intuitive to answer a question from a reader. If you'd like to submit a question for Eileen please email her directly.

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