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Meditation Candles


Holistic Shopping: Using candles is a simple and inexpensive way to alter the ambiance of your meditation room/area. Replacing artificial lighting with candlelight will lower the intensity of energies that are not consistent with being intune with our spirits. Calming candlelight helps us go within and reflect more deeply on our lives.

Believe Candle

Believe Candle
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Handmade soy candle is made from 100% organic essential oils of lavender, citrus, and rosemary. This Believe candle can be lit for someone you know, regardless of their religious affiliation or belief. Simply use your pure intent an light the candle.

Feng Shui Candle Gift Set

Why give one healing candle as a gift to someone when you can give someone a bundle of candles in the spirit of balance. This Feng Shui set of five candles associated with the five elements: air,eart, fire, water, and metal comes with a ceramic plate and river rock for the makings of a healing centerpiece.
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Candles by Montserrat

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These original design candle creations are made with natural essential oils. Beautiful!

Light Up Your Life With Candles, Meditation, and Healing

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Spiritual book written by Charlene Whitaker.
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Aromatherapy Candles

Scented aromatherapy candles offer a variety of scent-sations including: soothing energies, sensual stimulation, revitalization, confidence boost, healing, and relaxation.
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Zen Buddhist Meditation Candles

These Japanese Warosoku candles are used in meditation ceremonies. The wax of warosoku is formed from hazenoki (the sumac or wax tree). The wick is made of washi (Japanese handmade paper).

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