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Once in a Blue Moon

Focus Friday, August 31, 2012


Blue Moon

Blue Moon

image © tonynetone, Flickr Creative Commons Once in a Blue Moon

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Tonight's full moon is a blue moon. You likely know the saying "Once in a Blue Moon" which indicates the rare event of having a second full moon in any given calendar month. That would be August this year. A blue moon won't occur again until July 31st, 2015.

My twin nieces turn 11 years old today. When they were very young their mother (my baby sister) would take them outdoors whenever a full moon was visible in the sky and the three of them would howl at the moon. I wish them a Roaring Blue Moon Howl today! Happy Birthday Girls!

I also invite each of you to let your inner wolf out tonight and give a resounding whoop and holler as you witness the ending of the waxing lunar cycle. The wolf totem is a keeper of rituals. Full moons represent endings are an excellent time for having purging or releasing rituals. Tomorrow the moon will go into a waning cycle... a time for unburdening yourself of anything that is sucking up your energy or no longer serving you in positive ways. As the moon retreats into shadow and returns to its dark birthing phase, new moon, let's clean house and prepare for new growth and intentional manifestations.

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