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Fall Back - Move Forward

Focus Friday, November 12, 2012


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image © David Paul Ohmer, Flickr Creative Commons

In the past week here in the United States we have experienced an energetic tug. For those of us living in regions that recognize Daylight Savings Time we've had to fall-back and adjust to a time change. And, as a nation we have re-elected a forward-focused president--like it or not--everyone is being pushed forward. Energetically it is a mixed sensation of pull and shove to absorb and assimilate. Politically, it has assuredly been a tug of war on beliefs and ideals.

Unhappy Romney supporters are moody. Their emotions have ranged from denial, disappointment, gloom, and anger. And, strangely enough, some of our president's supporters who are elated at Barack Obama's re-election are struggling energetically, coming down from their initial burst of excitement on Tuesday night.

The political atmosphere has been highly charged for such a long time. It is understandable it may take a period of adjusting to get comfortable with new energies. Becoming more at ease within ourselves is about shifting our energies to be more aligned with or at the very least be willing to be tolerant of the collective flow of energies.

Friday is not a typical day associated with being in a funk. The term TGIF comes to mind. Friday is often a wind-down day or a day of anticipation--preceding a preplanned fun or relaxing weekend. However, for me, Friday is the day I focus on a healing topic of my choosing to blog about. Today, I choose FUNK! Sometimes, feeling a funk, is really about slowing down during a period of fluxing energies. It can also be meant as time to re-evaluate your goals and aspirations.

I'm recovering from a wearisome week of sleep deprivation and grumpiness-- a visit from Grizzly Bear Totem, you might say. As a result I took the opportunity to take an inward look. I discovered that I have been caving in to self-deprecating thoughts-- oh no! Oh Yes!

I have a Virgo moon in my natal chart which means I have to be careful not to indulge in self-critical tongue lashings or entertain mental punishments. My Scorpio Sun obsessive nature does not like having its ego bruised either. Although getting an ego-bruising can actually be a very good thing to give better perspective on ones priorities.

My lesson (not a new lesson for me, but a resurfacing one) this week is to let go of a strong desire to be perfect and accept that it is okay to make mistakes. I've been struggling to learn something new that is not easy for me. I don't like making mistakes! I can choose to continue to feel badly or just let it go. I choose let it go. Letting go is not the same as giving up, it is more about acceptance. I cannot continue believing that my very best has fallen short. Mentally and emotionally this belief is not serving me. Oh, I'm still challenging myself to get it right... but I've decided (to try!) not wasting time berating myself whenever I mess up, but to continue striving for improvement.

If you are in a bad mood, stuck in a rut, suffering from seasonal melancholy, or simply having a Funky Friday... there is help for you.

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