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Money and Energy... They Are the Same Thing

Focus Friday


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A Lesson About Abundance and Spirituality

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Lots of things have been happening around the issue of money in my life in recent weeks... and as a result, my stance that money is energy is stronger than ever.

The topic of money can be a sticky one and I'm not sure what direction this blog post will take. Similar to taking my hands off the steering wheel of my car as I'm driving down the highway, I'm sitting here blogging... wondering what words will sputter out of my fingertips while clacking away on the keyboard. I'm feeling kind of queasy actually.

I just sent out a telepathic SOS to my writing muse, and also to my spiritual guidance counselor for help. GULP... hope they aren't taking a vacation somewhere there is a limited psy-fi (psychic connection).

Let me begin with saying again that MONEY IS ENERGY. They are the very same. I believe this is true. Energies are never static, they flow and ebb. Money exchanges are the same... the stock market is a good example. You get the picture: Money in, Money out.

In my life (and probably yours too) money has stirred up all kinds of emotions. When funds are low, I might feel down, anxious, troubled. When funds are high, I get to experience gratitude, security, joy... and sometimes feeling somewhat giddy!

Everyone wants to be compensated fairly for their work. We also want a fair exchange whenever we spend our hard-earned money.

Sometimes the exchanges of funds don't feel equal. Like those times when a bill comes for a service that is higher than anticipated. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when faced with a whopping bill that needs paid. Being overlooked for a career promotion or given a less-than desirable pay raise can feel like a sucker punch. Or, being compensated poorly for damages from your car insurance makes you wonder why you bothered to fork out those hefty insurance premiums year after year.

Having a rainy day fund or nest egg tucked away has always been important to me. But, what if the savings start getting eaten away? Sometimes it is avoidable.... just be brave. It is just energy doing its thing... money ebbing.

When I first learned about money-energy exchanges I imagined a white-bearded bank teller wearing a white robe stacking gold coins into different piles up in the clouds. You know, what Moses might look like up in heaven. I blame that mental image on my Christian upbringing. I would imagine a prayer memo coming in from Bobby asking for a new bike and in response the accountant would look through the accounts to see who had a spare $50 bucks in their bank account that could be moved into Bobby's family's coin stack.

Pretty simple visualization. But, could it really be that simple? Maybe money exchanges are not as complicated as we make them out to be. When our checkbook takes a hit I try not to get alarmed. Instead, I figure someone in need must be on the receiving end. I mean... my cash had to go somewhere, right? We don't know where Jimmy Hoffa disappeared to, but his body went somewhere, it is just a mystery. I just hope Bobby got his bicycle and his daddy didn't gamble the unexpected deposit away at the casino.

Some things we have no control over. What I do have control over is the deep knowledge that money and energy (same thing!) comes and goes freely. You can choose not to freak out when your money ebbs. When the money goes away, wait a bit. Trust that when you really need some extra dollars that you will have your turn to be on the receiving end. Believe in Abundance! If you don't believe it, well then, you are welcome to freak out. And, don't forget, karma and energy are playmates.

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