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Helps for Growing Your Holistic Healing Business

Focus Friday


Networking with Others

Networking with Others

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I am often approached by readers seeking advice on how to start up an holistic healing practice or how to make their healing businesses profitable. I have several articles on the site that address these types of inquiries.

Business Start Up Vital Advice and Information

One of the easiest ways to succeed in a business endeavor is to first learn about the failures or pitfalls others have experienced in order not to travel down that same dead-end street. Katharine Denver's article How to Launch Your Holistic Business outlines five reasons why holistic businesses fail and how to avoid making these same mistakes. She also gives positive actions for you to take to give your new business the start-up launch it deserves, or revive a lackluster business.

Attracting Clients

Attracting clients can also be a hurdle. You will need a steady flow of clients to assure a thriving business. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and give some extra effort try these three simple strategies for attracting clients. It is also helpful to understand the consumer's point of view. Once you understand the expectations of potential clients, knowing how to make good healer/client relationships will fall naturally into place.

How Much Should I Charge?

A common roadblock healers have in building successful businesses is the fear of having abundance in their lives. They are often stymied by feeling uncomfortable charging for their goods and services. Many healers and lightworkers have difficulty placing a value on their skills. Sadly, undercharging is rampant in the holistic healing community. It is important to know how to price your services and products using fair and marketable prices without undercutting your own worth.

Things You Need to Know Before Starting Up a Reiki Practice

Are you considering setting up a Reiki practice in your home or within your community? In my article How to Start Up a Reiki Practice I've outlined seven important considerations you'll want to review before establishing a Reiki business.

Personalized Business Cards

Keep a few business cards with you at all times. You never know when you will meet someone to pass on contact information to. MOO Business Cards offers a variety of business card designs for small businesses. I especially like that you can send them your own photos or designs and they will create a unique template just for you. Send Your Designs and Order Direct

Choosing Life Coaching as a Career Advice

And lastly, our Ask An Intuitive Life Coach, Anandra George, offers practical advice to wanna-be life coaches. Helping others is a passion and a calling... but there is work involved. Are you ready to pursue a career that demands deep personal healing and self-evaluations. Being a successful life coach requires possessing an authentic heart.

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