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Guiltless Pleasures

Soap Opera Therapy


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Jill Larson

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April 26, 2013 - Guiltless Pleasures - Two years ago I told readers about my sadness at the announcement of ABC canceling two daytime SOAPS, including the one I had watched faithfully for years, All My Children. I watched a few eyebrows being raised when I told friends and family how upset I was. Not everyone could fully understand how hurt I was feeling. I knew I would miss the characters and the stories. I wasn't sure how I would adapt to this change in my life routine. For one hour each afternoon on weekdays I invited All My Children into my living room... I was not only entertained, but this midday hour served me well as an escapism therapy. And, a much needed escape it was. I meditate daily to reduce stress and embrace my spiritually, but watching my soap was a different type of relaxation that I refused to feel guilty for indulging in. Everyone deserves an hour a day simply to focus on some me-time. With the 40 year old show being cancelled I certainly had a void to fill. As it turned out, I was able to move on with my life. After about a year, with some reluctance, I adopted a different cast of characters from The Young and the Restless to try to fill the void. It wasn't quite the same, but I managed to adapt.

I thought I had recovered from my loss. But, it wasn't until All My Children (AMC) was revived by Prospect Park on April 29th that I realized how deep my loss had been. As I once again watched many of my beloved characters (Angie & Jessie, David, Brooke, Dixie, and others) my heart swelled. It was like attending a great big happy family reunion!

During the first new episode of AMC I got a big kick out of Opal (one of my favorite characters on the show) saying how she loved her Tai Chi. While AMC was on their ABC-forced-sabbatical I signed up to take what I thought would be a 12 week Tai Chi class. Well, as it turned out, I've been taking the class for ten months now... I too love my Tai Chi! Opal is already scheming, she is not-so-subtly playing matchmaker in an attempt to keep her son Petey in Pine Valley.

The hilarious and insightful Opal Cortlandt, played by actor Jill Larson, is well known in Pine Valley for her prophetic dreams and psychic abilities. Who wouldn't want to have Opal read the tea leaves for them?

After returning from my Tai Chi class yesterday afternoon I brewed myself a cup of tea, propped up my feet, and logged onto Hulu+ with my iPad, ready to indulge in some Me-Time and therapeutic guiltless pleasure.

Both AMC and One Life to Live are being aired (new episodes) on the Internet! You can watch on Hulu (for free) on your computer or see on your mobile devices via Hulu Plus and iTunes for a fee... more details

photo of Jill Larson at the red carpet premiere of AMC © Dave Kotinsky/Stringer / Getty Images

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Originally posted April 26, 2013

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