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Focus Friday

Once-weekly blog features that focus on a singular healing topic.

Focus Friday Archives
My Focus Friday postings are organized on this page by category.

Why Me?
Why do bad things happen to good people?

Passion VS Obsession
Passion is fueled by the heart. Obsession is brain-centered or ego-fueled. Where do you go to fill your energy tank? Ego or Heart?

Medical Intuition
Healers or psychics who are able to perceive physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances will often call themselves Medical Intuitives.

Love and Healing Mudras
It is never too late to tell someone you love them.

Power of Words
Hurtful words die and wither away naturally. I absorb and nourish only empowering words.

Meditation Time
Poll: What Time of Day Do You Meditate?

Root Causes
Are you ready to dig deep to discover the root causes of your illnesses and imbalances?

Recurring Dreams
Dreaming the same dream again and again could be prompting you to do some dream analysis.

Mirror Lessons
Every wonder why you are with the person you are with? Read this!

Have You Met Your Higher Self?
Searching within for answers to your yearning questions.

New Year Resolutions
It's that time of year to shake the Etch-a-Sketch and start over with a fresh slate.

Welcoming and Celebrating Winter
Religious holidays originating with the Winter Solstice.

Tap Tap Tap
Meridian tapping for release of emotional imbalances.

Just Breathe.
Are you a member of Breathholders Anonymous? I will confess that I am.

Dowsing for Answers
So, you have just acquired that shiny new pendulum you've been wanting, now what? How do you use it to get answers to your probing questions?

Past Life Recall
Learning about past lives can be interesting, but recalling them on your own can be most revealing.

Soul Recognition
Meeting up with souls from a past life can feel like a Blast from the Past!

Funks, Ruts, and General Melancholy
Surviving post election blues and time change funks.

Do You See Dead People?
Ghostly apparitions and spirit visitation from the other side.

Karmic Consequences
What we do and say have consequences. We need to also be aware of our reactions and learn how not to interject ourselves into other people's karmic situations.

Palmistry Basics
What do the lines in your palms and the shape of your hands in general say about your personality?

Things that Go Bump in the Night
Focus this Halloween on healings, hauntings, and the afterlife.

Growing Your Holistic Healing Business
Advice for starting up and growing a healing-based business or practice.

Non-verbal Communication
Mom is not trying to be a buttinsky, she cannot help that her telepathic-receiver radar goes into high alert whenever one of her children is troubled.

Gemstone Egg Hung
A more personal blog where I invite readers to help me choose the perfect gemstone for my crystal children collection. Includes links to healing gemstones and crystal therapy.

Scent Sensitivities
Are you sensitive to perfumes and scented products? Even if you're not, are you being sensitive to others who are?

Focus and Intention
Are you able to shift your primary focus and intention when life's priorities demand it?

Once in a Blue Moon
A focus on moon phases, wolf totem, and spiritual rituals in general.

Support for Newbie Empty Nesters
Transition from full house to empty nest can be challenging for parents... it feels like an ending, but parenting never ends, the role simply changes.

Channeling healing energy, inspired writing, and creative artwork or music is pretty amazing!

Amulets, Talismans, and Fetishes
Sacred objects are used as intentional tools for spiritual rituals, healing, deflecting negative energies, and attracting good luck.

Purposeful Paths
In this Friday Focus blog post I share my own life purpose discovery process.

Keeping in Touch
Staying connected with family members through various avenues.

Getting Adequate Sleep
In this blog post I discuss how I have begun curbing my night-owl tendencies, and getting to bed at a decent hour.

Caregivers are often selfless givers, but it is important for caregivers to tend to their own needs to avoid personal neglect or feelings of resentment cropping up.

Remote Healing
Healing can be conducted energetically from a distance using purposeful intention.

Winged Spirits
In this post I talk about our pet bird, a Quaker Parrot named Shamrock. It is the perfect lead into the subject of winged spirits (animals that fly, winged insects, angels, and faeries too!

Family Matters
Focus on the importance of family and our relationships with our family members.

Drummers and Dreamers
Do you have the music in you? Drumming itself can be therapeutic, but listening can also be healing.

Inner Child Therapy
Focus on adults to be more aware of how their actions and words can wound our children. Includes resources on parenting your inner child as well.

Homeopathy and Homeopathic Remedies
Brief explanation of what homeopathy is and how homeopathic remedies work.

How Important is Having Health Insurance?
Some holistic-centered individuals might feel they don't need insurance, but... here are some scenarios that should be considered in taking making that decision.

Orange Therapy
I talk about why orange is my favorite color and discuss its healing associations.

Honoring Our Mothers
Focus on the role of the mother, this is the woman who gave you life! Mother-child is the first relationship we experience.

Self Care
Focus on tending to personal needs. Self-neglect is not good.

National Arbor Day
Focus on trees nad the benefits they offer (beauty, shade, grounding, medicinal properties).

Why We Hurt
Help understanding why we experience pain, and what it means when we are hurting.

Friday the 13th
Focus on spiritual approach to superstition.

Four Basic Elements
Healing pathways and cultural traditions associated with the basic elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

Healing the Child Within
Focus on the child we once were, our childhood memories, and the child-spirit that still resides within us.

My Holistic Pharmacy, The Kitchen
Focusing on food as a medicine, cooking nutritious meals, and making healthy diet choices.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm...
It might surprise you that spiritual lessons are taught by domesticated animals typically living on the farm.

Are You Considering a Name Change?
You don't have to be stuck with the name your parents gave you if it doesn't suite you.

Four Basic Elements
Healing pathways and cultural traditions associated with the basic elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

A Bouquet for Mom
Flower essence infused with Gaia energies.

Guiltless Pleasures
Do you allow yourself some Me-Time without feeling guilty about it.

Devastating Effects of Prolonged Clutter
First-hand testimonial from a reader on how hoarding ruined a relationship.

National Arbor Day
Focus on trees nad the benefits they offer (beauty, shade, grounding, medicinal properties).

Guiltless Pleasures
Do you feel guilty about indulging in Me-Time? I certainly don't.

Manna Synchronicities
Call them synchronicities, or call them coincidences, whatever you like.

Healing and Mom's Button Jar
Early lessons only a mother can teach.

Money and Energy... They Are the Same Thing
Ebb and Flow..... an abundant life means your bank account will go up and down.

Digging Deep to Find the Cause of Pain
The importance of treating the root cause of your hurts.

Healing Business Tips
Advice for starting up a holistic healing business.

Fall Back Move Forward
Focus on the political climate in the U.S following the 2012 election.

Fall Back Move Forward
Focus on the political climate in the U.S following the 2012 election.

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