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I was a Native American Woman

Memory: I was a Native American woman being forcibly held by one of two very rough looking men. A short distance away were three other native men. There was some discussion about whether the men that were holding me were going to kill me or whether the native men would tell them what they wanted to know. In my mind I knew that my people would be in danger if they got what they wanted. Communicating with our eyes I let the native men know that I would rather die than to put my people at risk. The native men sadly told the two that were holding me that the would not cooperate even if it meant my life. My throat was then crushed & I felt the life leave my body.

Submitted by: Kat, July 25, 2000

How did you come by this memory?
Guided Trance State.
Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience that has helped you understand yourself better?
Not Sure
What was your experience?
I felt I was living as this person


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