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Emotional Remembrance

Memory: Anger, rage, anger, panic, know hope anger, Impatiance, desperation, why! why! you idiots! you fools! Get out of there! run like a rabbit! go! go! you insulent oxes your bravery kills you run! run! flee like a coward and live to die another way! My eyes bulging out of my head with rage. Disbelief they are all running to their deaths how could they do this my god I can`t watch this I gotta get out of here I can`t run! ohhhhh god! what to dooooo! Lightning flash a kind of blindidg raging pain and deafening screams! regret! Dispair! nooo! denial ! For know life that I died this way ,but not once. My soul two agony and eye! Not any Life of lifes from the end to forever could forget this most lonely regretful dreadful feeling. In that moment I had died and knew not ever , ever could memories as these be wiped away!

Submitted by: Dennis Eggleston, October 4, 2000

How did you come by this memory?
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I felt I was living as this person.


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