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I was a Japanese Samurai Warrior

Memory: What is so odd about this dream is that I had it when I was 9, and I'm 19 now just when it is coming back to me....it is so uncharacteristic of who I am today (young, middle-class, white person in the U.S.)

I had a brief dream (like a flash of the moment of death) being Asian, more specifically Japanese probably a few hundred years ago during the hay-day of the samurai, and being on my knees next to a fellow similar to me (not in samurai garb, but in a simple shirt and pants [like what you might wear underneath a suit]). I remember being scared because I look around to see that I and my "colleague" were being held for some reason by a group of men. Then, to my horror, my "colleague's" head was cut off by a kitana or some sword, and I watched it come to the ground. By this time, my heart was beating increasingly so, that the next thing I know I am resigning to the fact I'm going to be next in some kind of warrior EXECUTION for a reason unbeknownst to me. Next thing I know, I look forward and hear "whooosh" and fade to black, I wake up. This was a while ago, I played it off as a dream I made up because I had been into ninja movies and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the time (the third movie where there are samurai), but it was too realistic, so now I believe it is a brief memory of a traumatic death. Anyway, good luck to all and succeed in living a life of love as much as you can.

Submitted by: Jamie Wilson , Feb. 12, 2002

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