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I think I was John Lennon

Memory: The first time I felt this was when I heard the song "Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon. For some reason I knew all the words and as I sang them in my car I began to cry. I was puzzled by this so I asked my parents if they played any John Lennon's solo music when I was younger and I subconsciously knew the words. They said no, so than I was really puzzled. So I pieced the parts together. Taking the things I like that I cant explain that I like and they match up exactly to John Lennon's. So I than investigated this theory through a physic in L.A. I went for past life recollection and never told physic what I though or had happened, under hypnosis I found myself in a white room, the strangest part is I felt as who I am now, but I had a smoke in my hand and knew it was not the same body due the physical aspect. Anyway, I was sitting on this bed and writing down lyrics to "Watching the Wheels" on a sheet of scrap paper, it was a mess of words. Yoko Ono came in we exchanged some words and than I awoken by the physic and she said well now you know who you are and smiled at strangely like she knew why I was there. I told her yeah Alfred Johnston. I don't claim to be "John Lennon" but this is all kind strange. Also I had a dream the other night and I walked into my Local Albertson's and there was Paul, Ringo, George, and B.B.King set up ready to play a set and Paul says to me, "John! where have you been, we've been waiting for you so we can start the show. I than awoke in cold sweat and ready to flip out I just don't know. Any Help?

Submitted by: Alferd Winthrop ,March, 13, 2002
email: thepromotion@aol.com

How did you come by this memory?
A psychic told me / a dream
Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience that has helped you understand yourself better?
Did you experience actually being this person or were you viewing a past life as an observer?
I felt I was living as this person

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