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I was an Italian male living in Chicago between 1920 and 1930

Memory: I was approximately 25 years old in the dream I had, I was running with three other friends from a large brick warehouse in an industrial area in the city. I was scared because we were being chased and I was trying to get inside the back seat of the car and was pushing my other friend in first. I heard gun shots just as I pushed into the back seat, laid down to keep my head below the window and the car sped off. I remember hearing the frantic voices of my friends yelling to the driver to go faster. And I felt something warm and wet on my clothes. I reached down and touched my shirt and realized that I'd been shot. I kept my hand over the wound but could tell that it was serious. I felt unbelievably calm. I could feel the blood start to coagulate between my fingers causing stickiness. I just kept thinking, "I guess this is it, so this is what it's like to die". And I just faded out slowly, I couldn't hear the voices or the noise of the car any longer, I couldn't see the flashes of light as we passed street lights anymore, and I don't remember feeling any pain. I felt as if I was just falling asleep.

Submitted by:dmd March 14 2002

How did you come by this memory?
Dream State
Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience that has helped you understand yourself better?
Not Sure
Did you experience actually being this person or were you viewing a past life as an observer?
I felt I was living as this person


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