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Example of a Common Parasite


Let's look at an example of a common parasite.

The pin-worm, found mostly in children, lives in the lower intestine and rectum. The female worm comes out of the colon to lay her eggs (mostly at night, thereby contaminating pajamas and bedding as well). A single female may deposit 15,000 or more eggs, which are infective in a few hours. The crawling of the worm on the skin of the area surrounding the anus itches. The child scratches this area and contaminates his nails and hands with the eggs. The eggs are also transported by air currents, therefore other family members are easily contaminated. Statistics claim that one in five children today have pinworms. What about the ones not diagnosed?

Parasites and worms can travel anywhere in the body. If the infestation is in the colon, the body puts a protective barrier of fluid around them to keep them corralled off, (the bloating I spoke of earlier) to try to prevent them from traveling to other parts of the body.

In diabetes, worms are in the pancreas. With epilepsy, they are in the brain. In multiple sclerosis, they are what is eating the myelin sheaths off the exposed nerve endings. (It is a misconception that the immune system of the body is attacking itself in MS)

Parasites are seldom picked up on blood tests, as they largely travel at night, not in the day when blood tests are generally given, Since they live in the liver, pancreas, lungs, bile duct, brain, muscles, joints, appendix, small intestine, large intestine, prostate, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, and gall bladder, they are difficult to detect.

Unfortunately, too, allopathic medicine deals largely with the relief and or masking of symptoms, rather than eliminating the root causes of symptoms.

That is why it is important to eliminate these parasites from the body before there is a full-blown disease such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

Parasites and worms feed on the good nutrients from food, and their excrement then circulates in the bloodstream.

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