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Our Internal Map of Reality

How We Delete, Distort, and Generalize Information


In all of my years of practice, I have never met a person who does not want to improve their life or be happier. My goal is to educate everyone on how their life is based on their unconscious and help them become more conscious of what their individual programming is so they can feel in control of their life and destiny.

What is Our Programming?

Each one of us is different based on how we were raised, how much love we received and what we experienced as a child. This remains in our unconscious and what we believe and perceive life to be is exactly what we can create.

I would like to help by explaining some fundamentals you may not be conscious of.

Deleting Information

We DELETE information because our brain is overloaded from our experiences as children. The way we learned to handle life from our parents and how we handled it as a child is exactly how we handle it as an adult. People can get easily overwelmed and therefore not "see" the clear choices right in front of them. For instance... people who have been abused as children or have had significant emotional experiences may come from a place of unconsciously feeling the need to feel safe and protect themselves. Because of the fear of being hurt, people can delete love right out of their life and not "feel" it when it is right in front of them. All types of information may be filtered out in their life and therefore they miss golden opportunities right in front of them or: People may rely on information from others to make a decision because they have learned as a child NOT to trust their instincts because of mixed messages they received. This can prevent people from moving ahead and they can get stuck and prevent themselves from moving out of their comfort zone.

Distorting Information

The second thing people can do is DISTORT information. There are many ways people do this. One way we do this is by miscommunication. People imagine others do not like them (fear of rejection) or people can put the cause outside themselves such as "you made me angry" or make a valued judgement "it is bad to be angry." People also distort information internally to fit their beliefs, values and decisions and in many other ways that negatively effect their life.

Creating Generalizations

The third thing people tend to do is create GENERALIZATIONS. Some of this is valuable or we would have to learn all over again to turn on the tv or radio for instance. Unfortunately most of the time it can be distructive and create a lot of needless suffering. One type of generalization involves concepts as "never" or "always". Statements such as "You never or you always". Words used in communication like this most always instigate arguments and hurt feelings. Prejudism and chauvenism come from these negative generalizations. Another way involves possibility or impossibility. For some people everything "can" be done. Anything is possible. Others place limitations on themselves such as, "I can't" or I won't." Rules, in other words create generalizations about what is possible or impossible or what should or must be done.

Consciously Using Generalizations

Many of our beliefs and values are generalizations too. They can create or expand our life. These are not all negative. What is negative is allowing them to operate automatically OUTSIDE OF OUR AWARENESS. The goal therefore, is not to eliminate them but rather to use them consciously in such a way that can create the results and experiences you want in your life.

After people delete, distort and generalize the sensory input they receive, they then make some sort of internal representation of that sensory material and it can be negative or positive. The more conscious we are of this input, the more in control we become to expand our boundaries and break free of our self imposed limitations. Patterns are then stopped not only in ourselves but in the next generation as well!

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