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Breathing Through the Soles of Your Feet

Breathe deeply from the Hara


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Most of us in the West don't breathe properly. That may sound odd, but in Western medicine, the way babies are birthed provides a shock to the newborn, where oxygen is abruptly sucked into the lungs, which burns from having a life atmosphere of oxygen and nutrients provided by the mother without pain.

As a result of our birthing, and later conditioning, we breathe shallowly, from the chest. We should breathe deeply from the Hara (the source of our spiritual bodies). Or, in layman's terms, we should learn to breathe from the gut. A number of modalities teach breathing, from Holotropic Breathwork to rebirthing to Drunvalo Mechizedek's Flower of Life workshops. Grounding and breathing will get you centered.

If you cannot find a rock or tree or solid wall in contact with the Earth, I tell clients and students that you can still connect with Earth energy through intent alone, by breathing through your feet.

How to Breathe Through Your Feet

To do this, do as above, but stand still and quiet, taking deep breaths (Sun & Earth) but feeling the Earth energy coming up through your feet, spreading up through your body and extending out through your limbs, to finger tips. Imagine yourself as a giant tree, taking in Earth energy through your "roots" (feet) and extending out to the farthest "branches" (fingertips) and beyond, swirling through your merkaba, or energy body, through space and time into other dimensions.

Feel this Earth energy centering you and going out into all directions. Some people tell me that they love to hug trees and roll in the grass and feel the Earth energy -- and that's truly wonderful.

But you do not have to do that in order to have an essential connection with the Earth, nor do you have to be barefooted. You can wear tennis shoes, any kind of rubber-soled shoes. You can even be high in a skyscraper or flying in an airplane.

How is this possible? Easy. Earth energy is all around us; Life Force energy (Ki) is all around us. It is only our mental blocks or blinders that keep us from feeling this energy or using it in our mind/body systems. Consider: When you are high in a skyscraper or flying at 30,000 feet, what keeps your feet on the floor or your butt in the seat? Gravity, right? What is gravity? Earth energy!!!

All is energy. We can open our minds to allow integration of what we need or we can use our minds to create blocks, barriers and limits to growth. "Yes, but . . ." is probably the greatest barrier to spiritual growth. Why create a mental mountain?

To access and use Earth energy wherever you may be, you have only to focus your being on bringing that energy into your mind/body system, through breathing and intent, as described above. Imagine a tendril or thread going from your base chakra going deep into the Earth, connecting you, anchoring you.

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