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Feng Shui for Dogs

Feng Shui for a Loyal Friend


My life has always been filled with the love of a family pet, which for our family was the love of a dog. Generally we had 2 dogs but I do remember one period of time when my mother went to work for the Save a Pet organization and the animals she was saving became members of our household. At that time, we had 4 dogs.

Adopting Rescue Dogs

It was also during this period of time that I became aware of unfortunate treatments given to animals by their owners. As a volunteer for Save a Pet, my mother rescued two dogs named Laverne and Bebe who became members of our household. Laverne was rescued from a home where she was subjected to being burned by cigarettes from her owner. Bebe was rescued from a home where the owners let a hyperactive child take out his aggressions on her in an abusive rather than playful act of behavior.

Introduction of Dogs Change Energy Flow

When these two dogs came into our home, the chi energy changed. As a happy, healthy and loving pet can invigorate ch­i energy in an environment, a pet that is neglected or abused can diminish the powerful affects of chi energy. Feng shui suggests that there is an interconnection with loving and honoring your pet and creating a greater sense of well being and happiness for yourself and other members of your household. There are some nursing homes aware of this inter connection as they have brought in loving animals to visit with the residents. By offering love and attention to the elderly residents, these happy and healthy animal friends invigorated vital chi energy in nursing homes creating a greater sense of well being for the elderly people they visited. We can invigorate the vital chi energy of our pets by including them in our walks, offering them a playtime and extending our love and affection to them. Their return of happiness will have a positive effect on the chi energy in your environment.

Best Placement of Pet Photos

There is also an interconnection between your pet and the bagua map, a Feng Shui tool used for placement. During my educational workshops, we talk about how placement of pet photographs or artwork depicting images of our pets can be placed to support us in our environment. If we have pictures of healthy pets that we have accepted as loving members of our family, we can place these pictures in the health and family sectors. They will honor your intention of maintaining and cultivating strong physical health and family relations. A happy, healthy pet can stimulate your sense of fun. I have a Golden Retriever and a Dachshund that love to swim and it is truly enjoyable to watch them. The children and creativity sector honors a variety of intentions but one is to maintain or achieve a sense of fun. To honor my intention of maintaining a sense of fun, I have placed in the children and creativity sector of my office, a picture of my two dogs swimming together.

Pets Reward Us with Vital Chi Energy

My mother's devotion of time, love and patience to both Laverne and Bebe created loyal and loving pets which invigorated the ch­i energy in my parents home. Despite their previous experiences, they both had wisdom which became an asset to our family. Laverne's experience gave her an excellent sense of a person's character and as a result, her loyalty protected my mother from undesirable people and situations. Bebe's experience made her sensitive to everyone's emotions especially if you were feeling nervous about something. She would intervene with enormous amounts of love as if to say "it is okay." Laverne and Bebe have passed away but the memory of these two loyal and loving friends remain. My parents household and my own continue to be invigorated with healthy and happy chi energy as we both have welcomed new pets into our lives. The phrase "dumb animal" is unfortunate because when we can embrace the wisdom of our pets and nurture their existence in our lives, we create a brighter destiny for ourselves as they reward us with their vital chi energy.

About this Contributor: Lori Schnieder is a certified Feng Shui practitioner with the American Feng Shui Institute and also the Western School of Feng Shui. Through consultations, presentations, educational programs and writing, she communicate to others the philosophies and principles of feng shui for creating interior and landscape designs.
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