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Creating a Sacred Space

A place for peace and introspection


Sacred Space

Sacred Space: Stone carved water fountain surrounded by a collection of sea shells and a healing amethyst sphere

Sacred Space can be as small as the breath taken in during prayer, as large as a cathedral or as expansive as an ocean view.

Unless you already have a special peaceful place set up in your home I suggest you challenge yourself to create a "sacred space" somewhere within your living area. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have an extra room you can use to retreat to when you need some time to yourself. When it is time for a child to leave the nest consider converting the newly evacuated bedroom into a sacred space rather than making it into a guest room that is only used occasionally. Do not feel as if you must wait until you have a spare room to create this space. Consider opening up any corner and building an altar there, or empty a closet of its clutter and toss a couple of pillows upon the floor for use in quiet prayer or meditation.

After Choosing Your Space

Once you have chosen the space, clear the entire room where your sacred space will exist (even if only a corner is being used). A fresh coat of paint on the walls might be nice. Incorporate household rules as to who is and who is not allowed into this space. Is this to be your space alone or can other family members use it when you aren't using it? Select pleasing visuals, kinesthetics, sounds, and scents for your Sacred Space surroundings.

Filling Your Space with Personal Items

I like to fill my Sacred Space with personal items I have been gifted from loving friends and family members. Clay hand impressions my sons made in kindergarten are hanging on the wall, my grandmother's china doll is sitting in the corner, a river clam shell given to me from my friend Bill who lives beside the Mississippi is filled with rice to feed the Crow Spirit on the window sill. Smaller items have found their way into a ceramic star bowl kept just for such treasures. It is filled with a handful of seashells, a dime (promised prosperity) I found shining up at me from the grasses under my feet at a roadside park where I had stopped to meditate, a chunk of amethyst, a purie marble (Crystal Ball) from Eirene, a broken arrowhead, and more goodies.

Sacred Space Rituals

Once your space is in place you will likely want to honor it by doing some type of ritual, be it Wiccan, Native American, casting a gypsy spell, giving a prayer of gratitude, or blessing it in whatever way best aligns with your belief system. You will soon find yourself drawn to this sacred space more and more as you seek the solace and restfulness it provides. You begin to wonder how you ever lived without this Sacred Space that offers much healing, comfort and warmth.

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Clear Your Space

Import Favorite Things into Your Sacred Space

Other Clearing Methods

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