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Dr. Scholl's Thermal Paraffin Bath

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Thermal Therapy Paraffin Bath

Dr. Scholl's Thermal Therapy Paraffin Bath

The Bottom Line

This therapeutic bath product is a welcome relief for dry skin. Dr. Scholl is a respected household name offering valuable foot care products.


  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in cord wrap for storage


  • Does not accommodate larger foot sizes
  • Does not offer unscented wax refills
  • No Timer or Thermostat


  • Comparative in price to other brands. (slightly less expensive)
  • Includes 6 pounds of rain-scented wax, 60 disposable glove liners, thermal insulated hand mitts.
  • Warm paraffin layers offer therapeutic relief and moisturizing comfort.
  • Removes dry/flaky surface skin cells.
  • Pampers your hands as well as your feet.

Guide Review - Dr. Scholl's Thermal Paraffin Bath

Say good-bye to peeling heels and rough hands. Treat yourself to soothing relief from dry/chapped hands, feet and elbows. This treatment has been used in spas and physical therapy departments in hospitals as the penetrating heat from the melted wax can relief pain due to arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasms, aftercare for breaks/sprains, and joint stiffness.This unit's specifications say the bath will accommodate up to a woman's 9 and a half shoe size. However, I found the bath less than roomy for my foot, which is slightly smaller (size 8). Handling hot wax should always be done with precaution. I recommend reading the easy/brief instructions that come with the bath before use. The dipping process can be somewhat messy so be sure to make some simple preparations before your treatment such as having plenty of paper towels handy, removing jewelry from your hands and fee, and having a timer or clock to keep track the recommended minutes (10 to 15) to leave the paraffin in place before removal.
User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
The broken bath :{, Member Duckee1

I buy 1 and the switches didn`t work , I buy another one . and it leaks wax all over and down my counter :{ OH, thats fun to clean up with Rhuemitoid Artheritis .

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