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Reduce the Stress of Your Day

Immerse Yourself in Water


Are you a bath person or a shower person? I'm a bath person. I do take a shower in the mornings as I prefer the hygiene effects of the shower over sitting in the tub. There really is no better way to rinse the shampoo out of my hair than under a shower. But putting aside the basic idea that bathing is merely a mechanism for getting clean, a tub experience can heal the mind/body/soul. I can't think of anything more relaxing and soothing than a good long soak in the tub. Water is nature's natural healer bringing calm to the stress of my day. Some people love bubble baths, but my sensitive skin is often agitated by soaps and perfumed skin products. I have discovered Epsom salts and lavender herb are beneficial additives to the bath water.

We have a Tiger River Spa installed on our back porch...ahhhh, such heaven. When we first acquired this I felt a little guilty sometimes as I soaked in the hot tub since I realized this is a luxury many people do not have. But hey! We all have our indulgences, and this one is mine. We all have certain things we require in our lives to bring us happiness, comfort us, and make our lives a little easier. For me it is my hot tub, the dishwasher, and my Apple computer.

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Wet Links

Books to Read While Soaking in the Tub

  • Hydrotherapy - Principles and Practice by Margaret Reid Campion. This book combines Campion's previous works on pediatric and adult hydrotherapy: the valuable rehabilitative and recreational ideas for children in water are linked with constructive and sensible guidelines for both traditional and original prescriptions for the rehabilitation of adults.
  • Hot Water Therapy: How to Save Your Back, Neck, and Shoulders in Ten Minutes a Day by Patrick Horay
  • Water Exercise/78 Safe and Effective Exercises for Fitness and Therapy by Martha D. White

    Article Dateline: August 1, 1997
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