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Power Napping

Empower Yourself - Take a Nap


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Have you ever laid down midday to catch a few minutes of rejuvenating zzzzz's only to awaken several hours later wondering where the daylight went? Oversleeping can be magickal if you don't go into a panic. Extra sleep is a gift. Graciously accept that your higher self took advantage of the situation and gave your body and mind the rest it needed.

What is a Power Nap?

A power nap is typically a 20 to 45 minute nap taken in the afternoon. A power nap can be adequately refreshing, and at times more restful than a full night's slumber. Some people routinely take midday naps. Occasional nap takers average two to four naps each month. More napping occurs in the winter months, less in the summer.

If you've been pulling some all nighters or if you could use a midday perk power napping is a convenient and enjoyable way to pay back the body's sleep bank.

Sleep generally will not come when your body is reclined if your mind won't relax. If sleep doesn't come within the first fifteen minutes you might as might as well give up on your nap and get active. Or, forget about actually sleeping and try a meditative practice as an alternative. Listening to some soft music, taking a mental escape, or reading a novel might be the ticket for your relaxation.

How Much Sleep is Right for You?

Some individuals require very little sleep, lucky for them. But, most people require about eight hours of sleep each night. Do you know what your body's sleep requirement is? Depriving your body of its required sleep is as harmful as depriving it of food and water. It is important to come to an agreement with your body, giving in to the number of hours of sleep it craves. Too much sleep can be just as harmful as deprivation. Keeping to a sleep routine by going to bed and awakening each morning at the same time is recommended for a maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balance is the key.

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