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South Beach Diet Log - Week 5

SBD - Week 5 Days 32-35


I'm feeling much more relaxed now that I have outlined a new set of goals for continuing this diet (life-style change). My energy is much more balanced. My mind is less congested with thoughts of food choices and meal planning, freeing it to go in other directions. All feels good!

DAY 32

Morning Weigh-in: no change
Morning Indulgence - Cherry Coke
Breakfast - two fried eggs, Canadian bacon, V8 juice
Mid-Morning Snack - skip
Lunch - small salad (romaine, tuna, tomato, radish, red onion, feta cheese, cottage cheese)
Mid-Afternoon Snack - nut cup
Supper - steak and new potatoes (leftovers from Day 29), spaghetti squash
Dessert - Slim-a-Bear Klondike Bar

DAY 33

Morning Weigh-in: -.5
Breakfast - bowl of Grape-Nuts, fresh pear
Mid-Morning Snack - tsp. chunky peanut butter
Lunch - cottage cheese, diced tomato, chicken breast chunks, raw turnip slices
Mid-Afternoon Snack - chocolate fudge ice cream (sugarfree and notfat)
Supper - grilled Iowa chop with applesauce, sweet potato
Dessert - grape popsickle

DAY 34

Morning Weigh-in: no change
Breakfast - two fried eggs, 9 grain toast, cheddar cheese (low-fat)
Mid-Morning Snack - seedless white grapes
Lunch - lentil soup
Mid-Afternoon Snack - skip
Supper - Take out Chinese (Cashew Chicken) with fried rice
Dessert - 1/2 Slim-a-Bear Klondike Bar

The fried rice in my Chinese dinner was an outlaw food for Phase II. I woke up this morning with sinus congestion in my head and basically moped around through-out the day. When suppertime came around I simply wasn't up to fixing anything. My husband who is also good in the kitchen didn't want to make supper either. He asked if he could go to the deli and get us some take-out Chinese. We both love Chinese food, and I really love rice! Although it was a cheat I agreed. If I had cooked our Chinese dinner I could have prepared brown rice in place of white rice, but the deli doesn't offer that option. Normally when we get Chinese dinners from this particular deli we only eat half our dinners because there is so much to eat. The next day we'll have leftovers. So this time we decided to only bring home one dinner and share it. I ate slightly more than 1/3 of the dinner and he ate the rest. I was more than satisfied. Because I moped around and didn't get in any exercise and also ate white rice I suspect my rebellion will tip the scale a bit in the morning.

DAY 35

Morning Weigh-in: +.5
Breakfast - 2 slices of bacon, 2 fried eggs (sunnyside up), and glass of v8 juice
Mid-Morning Snack - skip
Lunch - Balance protein bar
Mid-Afternoon Snack - skip
Supper - green salad (romaine, avocado, low-fat cheddar cheese, tomato, chick peas, celery, bacon bits, drizzle of dressing), and broiled catfish (lemon-peppered
Dessert - Jello

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