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South Beach Diet Diary - Week 4

South Beach Diet - Days 26-27


DAY 26

Morning Weigh-in: -.5
Breakfast - lite yogurt
Mid-Morning Snack - protein bar (Balance - Mint Brownie)
Lunch - turkey roll-up, pear
Mid-Afternoon Snack - popcorn, two M&M peanut candies
Supper - Grilled chicken breast, steamed zuccinni and yellow squash, cottage cheese, slice of tomato
Dessert - half a Snickers candy bar

Today my ovaries must have been on overdrive because I was ravishingly hungry for something to satisfy me, but nothing curbs my cravings during this cycle which normally lasts 24-48 hours. These cravings surface about once a month when I'm ovulating. I'll look in the kitchen high and low to find whatever I can to hopefully satisfy my taste buds. It is not about hunger so much, it is about getting the right formula of ingredients to satisfy my body. I'll try both salty foods (popcorn, salted tomato) and sweet foods (brownine bar, candy), also tart foods such as vinegary choices sometimes. Nothing by itself will ever fill the bill. I often end up having sampler size bites of many things. It was helpful to know that my cravings were the result of my body's normal cycles and not an effect of the diet. I somehow managed to stay away from the ice cream that is hidden away in our downstairs fridge. I would have eaten the whole Snickers bar if I hadn't offered to share it with my husband. That was a good decision.

DAY 27

Morning Weigh-in: -.5
Breakfast - two egg omelet stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro, and non-fat swiss cheese, V8 juice (hot and spicy variety)
Mid-Morning Snack - Fudge Lite
Lunch - bowl of Cheerios with 1/2 cup blueberries (skim lactose-free milk)
Mid-Afternoon Snack - nut cup
Supper - grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato, steamed asparagus, glass of hearty burgundy
Dessert - butterscotch pudding (sugarfree)

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