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South Beach Diet - Phase 1 - Second Week

Results From First 14 Days - South Beach Diet


The Morning After Day 14 - My final weigh in on the morning after Day 14 on Phase I the scales teetered backwards the half pound that had popped up yesterday. So, for the most part I have been on a plateau for five days in a row. That feels somewhat defeating but I'm down a pound and a half for the week so I can't call this week a failure.

Total loss for 14 days of Phase I - 6 pounds.

My husband, who has been doing this diet along with me, lost more weight than me. His weight loss fell into what was written in the book, which reads to expect to lose 8 to 14 pounds.


  • Weight loss: Weight is still coming off--although at a slower rate from my first week. I can't help but wonder if it was because of my choice to eat cooked veggies over raw. However, my intestines feel much better having made that gentler choice for them.
  • More Energy: Except for one day this week, when I experienced a slight lowering of energy, I have felt more energetic with a bouncier spring in my gait.
  • Meal Planning I've never had an easier time of knowing ahead of time what's for supper. This diet does take some planning. That might be a downside for some folks, but for me it is a PERK! No more scrounging in the kitchen at the last minute trying to decide what to fix for supper.


  • No Fruit I have missed my fresh fruits. Being six pounds lighter has made it worthwhile.

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