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Chemical Sensitivity


Are You Scent-Sensitive?

Are You Scent-Sensitive?

Perfumed fragrances are just the tip of the iceburg among the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis that can be categorized as irritants. Everywhere we go we are confronted with a variety of man-made products and waste by-products that have the potential to insult our senses.

Short List of Chemicals Reported as Sensitive

  • gasoline
  • diesel exhaust
  • acetone
  • fabric softeners,
  • scented laundry detergents
  • acetate (often in hairspray)
  • nail polish paints
  • magic markers
  • carpet solvents
  • deodorized cat litter
  • scented shampoos and conditioners
  • propane/butane
  • cigarette smoke
  • bug spray
  • furniture polish
  • mothballs
Adrienne Buffaloe, MD, medical director of New York City's first chemical-free Environmental Medicine Center reports in her article entitled Chemical Sensitivity:It's a Serious Problem More Often Than You Think!!! that there are over 70,000 chemicals commercially produced in the United States alone. Pretty mind-boggling! Needless to say, our earth is filled with man-made compotents that are potentially harmful to our bodies and well-being.

Those afflicted by chemical sensitivities experience very real consequences. And although the medical community is now diagnosing more cases of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitiviy) globally the treatment is is not fully recognized as a clinical syndrome by mainstream medical practitioners.

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