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Are the Dead Communicating with Us?

Visitations from the Other Side


Visitations from the afterlife

Visitations from the afterlife

Death separates us from the physical closeness of our family members and loved ones. It is only natural that we grieve for the loss of the human companionship and interactions we shared with our friends and family while they were still living with us in physical form. We can no longer reach out and touch them or pick up the phone to talk to them. We experience heartache from being separated from their physical beings, no longer having opportunities to give them hugs, touch their faces, or hear their laughter, etc.

Although death is an ending of life on the planet. I do not view it as the final end. I believe that the soul transits to another place where it lives on. What happens after death to the soul has been discussed and debated for centuries. I prefer not to debate my own beliefs on this subject. I cannot prove my own beliefs any more than I could disprove anyone else's. I'm comfortable leaving it at that.

I found it quite interesting that two similar books landed in my hands during the same week regarding this very subject... just another one of those synchronicity happenings. Transitions of the Soul and Visitations from the afterlife are both filled with a collection of stories from people retelling their stories of communications with loved ones who have passed on. Many of the stories told are inspirational, insightful, and heartfelt. Both of these volumes are excellent bedtime selections. Read a story or two each evening before you nod off into slumber. Hey... maybe doing this nightly will allow an opening for your auntie or gramps to take the initiative to visit you in your dreams.

Spirit visitations and communications from the dead often occur to help us through our grief process. The messages conveyed are that the person is not truly gone, merely somewhere else. And that this somewhere else is a happier and healthier place for them. It is a tremendous healing gift to receive this type of comforting communication.

Have you had a personal experiences with a visitation from a loved one who has passed on? Please take a moment and tell about your visitation stories.

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Transitions of the Soul: True Stories From Ordinary People
Author: Nick Bunick
ISBN: 1571742522
Publisher : Hampton Roads
Stories of Visitations, Angels, and Dreams
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Visitations from the afterlife: True Stories Of Love And Healing
Author: Lee Lawson
ISBN: 0062516531
Publisher: Harper San Francisco
Communications with the Dead - Experiences of Visitations
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