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An Interview with Rosemary Altea


You Own the Power

You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within

Guide: My favorite part of your book was about "Finding your Power Symbol" because symbology is a major part of my life. My grandmother told me my power symbol was an "onion" in a vision several years ago. I knew this was about helping people peel away the layers to go in deeper.

Rosemary: You figured this out.

Guide: Yes.

Rosemary: It also has to do with keeping your roots in the Earth. The onion comes from the Earth. The roots of the onion bury into the Earth. The Earth gives it its richness, its pungency, its power, its taste. Everything about the onion comes from the Earth. There is so much that you have to learn from this Earth of yours. Stay grounded. Let your spirit soar but always keep your roots to the Earth because that is where your power and your strength will come from.

Guide: Thank you Rosemary. I'd like to invite you to host a chat in our Healing Chat Room.

Rosemary: Oh, that would be wonderful.

Guide: I would especiallly love it if you could do the talk on "Finding Your Power Symbol."

Rosemary: I absolutely would be happy to.

Guide: That is great! We will get this chat scheduled in. Besides urging users to "go for a walk" is there anything else your want to share with us that didn't get touched on during this interview that is important to your heart.

Rosemary: The wonder and the joy and the information that comes with acknowledging your spiritual self is so transforming that many people are afraid that it is going to transform them to the point where they won't know their lives any more. That is why so many people are afraid to try, afraid to dance, to be themselves. The only thing that comes from discovering who you are and learning to get to know your spiritual self, whatever changes take place, will only enhance their lives. It can never take away. Dare to be. Dare to investigate. Be careful who you listen to. Be careful when you read, including my book. Be careful. Let your instincts tell you what is right and what is not right. Follow your instincts and begin to discover yourself. That's what the book is about, getting to know who you are and daring to be. Own Your Power.

Share Your Walk Experiences

Hindu Meditation
shared by Rosemary

Thousand Petal Lotus Flower Meditation

Liken the crown chakra to the lotus flower, visualize it as the thousand petal lotus flower. As the chakras begin and join together and create powerful energy so the lotus flower begins to open. And it unfolds upon itself over and over and over the thousand petals. Open. Open . Open. As they open then they take your soul to a higher level of sensitivity and you reach a higher level of meditation. In order for the Thousand Petal Lotus Flower to open you have to have every other chakra attuned and working exactly as they should.

Rosemary Altea is an inhabitant of our planet that carries within her being one of the rarest and more powerful energy forces. This" expanded light" allows her to communicate with the dead, or rather with those that have left the physical world and now reside "still living" in another plane of existence.

Guide Review: You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within

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