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An Interview with Rosemary Altea

Talking With Rosemary


You Own the Power

You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within

About Rosemary: Internationally renown author, teacher, healer, and spiritual medium. She is the founder of R.A.A.H. (Rosemary Altea Association of Healers - www.rosemaryaltea.com) and the New York Times best selling author of The Eagle and the Rose and Proud Spirit.

Interview Date: March 3, 2000

Guide: The relaxation exercise you explain in your book, You Own the Power is very similar to an exercise I have used for many years I call "body scanning." Could you give a brief explanation for my readers about the benefits of doing this exercise?

Rosemary: The benefits of doing any style of relaxation exercise would be that we are so completely concentrating on every particle, every inch of earth, that every other care that we've ever had in the world is gone. We empty our mind of everything but giving to ourselves in relaxing for ourselves. It means that we accept that we are entitled as human beings to be as selfish as we want to be for that few minutes that it takes to do this relaxation exercise. Its also helps us to understand that we as human beings really do need to be selfish with ourselves sometimes. It doesn't mean that we won't go back to the cares, the worries, and the troubles that we have with our families. But when we go back to the cares, the worries, the troubles we have with our families we can approach those from a different perspective, from a calmer place. A place of inner stillness and quiet where we can reason more easily. Where we can actually gain a compatibility with ourselves so that we become whole. So that we can handle the stresses and strain of the life more more easily. There are tremendous benefits to doing relaxation.

Guide: You shared a story about your father teaching you never to cry. I can certainly relate to that as my mother would send me to my room when I would cry so I would not be heard. The message we learned was not to show our emotions or not to be seen showing them. Those of us who were sensitive as children and had similar experiences learned to build walls or boundaries to block ourselves from "feeling." Do you feel these boundaries harm us or protect us?

Rosemary: It depends on the individual. Building up a wall is our way of building a defense mechanism around us. We can't be hurt, we can't be touched, no one can get in. I think to a point and especially children I think it is a good thing when you're surrounded by people who don't understand and who say dumb things like "You're too sensitive or over sensitive" which you just can't be. Building some kind of a wall or building that space that separates you from other people can be very beneficial to you providing you didn't have a protection against the world, protection against life, providing you're able to come out from behind that wall when necessary. Providing you're able to be at one with the world and with the people around you. The problem with the wall is that it is so easy to hide behind, that you can too easily disassociate with the rest of the world if you're not careful. And you can even disassociate from your own feelings and emotions. Sometimes it is a good thing but as we grow older we should learn to take down the wall, brick by brick, gently, and eventually do away with it. But it is not easy to do, and if anyone tells you "Hey, take down that wall" well that's crazy. You have to do this slowly.

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