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Protect Yourself from Toxic Email

Reading Between the Lines


Toxic Email

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For anyone possessing a sensitive or empathic nature opening an email can be comparative to opening Pandora's Box. Clicking the open command has the potential of unleashing any variety of energies that could have easily hitchhiked passage along with the typed message. These invisible energies packaged inside your email messages are actually pockets of thoughts and feelings that have escaped through emotional emissions of the sender.

Having the ability to read between the lines can be wonderful talent, but it can also feel like a curse at times to those of us who are OPEN. It is the empath's challenge to set up boundaries in not taking on emotions of others. Although it can certainly feel that these emotional email blasts were intentionally directed toward the recipient, this is not always the case. Don't assume that someone has carefully disguised a poison dart and shot it purposely your way.

Three Examples of Unintentional Emotional Darts

  1. A friend sends an email from her place of employment. In the midst of writing it she realizes her boss might catch her off guard. Not wishing to get caught straying from her duties, she panics and rushes her email correspondence.

      Sender's emotion emitted: Survivor Fears
      Recipient senses that friend is hiding something and begins to distrust her friend.

  2. A relative sends you an email informing you of an upcoming family reunion. While in the midst of writing the email the sender received an unpleasant and upsetting phone call from a neighbor.

      Sender's emotion emitted: Anger
      Recipient senses relative is upset with her and immediately feels a tummy ache coming on.

  3. You received a much awaited response from a devoted colleague giving you advice on an important manner. In the midst of his response his wife enters his office and tells him their son has just been arrested for shoplifting. He quickly finishes the email and sends it off.

      Sender's emotion emitted: Distraction
      Recipient senses colleague is disinterested and chooses to be more aloof regarding this person.

Discharging Emotionally-Charged Emails

Helps to discharge emotional email packages
  • Set Boundaries - Train yourself not to be an open channel to receive, also learn ways to immediately dump emotional garbage that enters your field.

  • Fluff and Fold - Open several emails as a group. Walk away from your computer and let them air out a bit before returning to read them. This will help discharge the higher intensity levels of vagabond energies that may have crossed over through your modem.

  • Skim First - Read your posts quickly without diving into the meat of the subject matter right away. If the subject matter in a particular email feels intense, it may be time to take a break from your computer. This is the perfect time to get yourself a glass of juice or a cup of chamomile tea.

  • Delete - This option needs no further instructions. Perfect for SPAM.

What if you discover that emotion displayed in an email was purposely directed at you?

Why do I feel that person's pain? Am I really responsible for another person's feelings? How willing am I to expose myself in this situation? Is this an opportunity to open the doors of communication with a person to resolve whatever issues have come between us? These are questions to ask yourself if you do feel as if any anger or frustration was directed at you. Good Luck!

Be aware that you too can be the sender of emotionally charged email to others.

If you are like me and get hundreds of email each week. it is not always easy to find a calm space each and every time you are sitting at your computer getting ready to send off email correspondences. Simply having the awareness that the possibility exists that your feelings can be spread via the Internet is a place to start. Be aware that emotionally charged correspondence can bring about upset to a person which is no less hurtful to them than a computer virus is harmful to your operating system.

Background stimuli that can set off emotional discharges

  • Noises: baby crying, ambulance sirens, phone ringing, etc.
  • Smell & Taste: exhaust fumes, perfumes, bathroom odors, cooking smells, burnt toast, etc.
  • People: family members, associates, solicitors, etc.
  • Visuals: television
  • Weather: rain, snow, sleet....etc.

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