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How To Clear Out Clutter



Clear Out Clutter

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The more we hold onto "useless possessions" the less satisfied we often become. Don't let your STUFF define you. Follow the how-to steps to simplify your life.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: 2 hours to 3 years

Here's How:

  1. Define the area you are going to clear. (drawer, file cabinet, closet, attic, sentimental box, etc. )
  2. Set out 6 boxes (apple boxes work well for most projects).
  3. Label each of the boxes as: a) Trash b) Recycle c) Goodwill d) Sentimental e) Undecided f) Elsewhere.
  4. Items to be thrown out are to be placed in the "Trash Box."
  5. Items to be taken to the recycle center are to be placed in the " Recycle Box."
  6. Items to be given away are to be placed in the "Goodwill Box."
  7. Items that you wish to keep for sentimental reasons are to be placed in the "Sentimental Box" to be sorted through during another session. This step eliminates time wasted sentimentalizing over objects.
  8. Items that you feel no longer serve you but are reluctant to release because you feel you may need them later are to be placed in the "Undecided Box."
  9. Misplaced items that belong in other areas of your home/office are placed in the "Elsewhere Box." to be returned later. Returning them in the midst of your clutter clearing session will only distract you.
  10. Every item from your "defined area" will have been either returned to the area in an organized fashion as a "keeper" or placed in one of the 6 boxes.
  11. Trash, Recycle and Goodwill Boxes are to be removed to their designated locations within 2 days. This is an important step to follow!
  12. "Sentimental Box" is set aside to be chosen as a "Defined Area" at a later date.
  13. Divide "Undecided Box" into 3 boxes labeled with reasonable toss-out dates. (ie. 3mos, 6 mos, 1yr.). Allow yourself to retrieve items as needed. When the toss-out dates come up get rid of the remaining articles.
  14. Distribute the items in the "Elsewhere Box" to their appropriate locations.
  15. Mark a new date in your calendar for your next "De-clutter session"


  1. Define yourself a smaller area to start with to get the hang of this project.
  2. Keep a supply of bottled water nearby for you to drink to help clear your system and quench your thirst as this is difficult (although worthwhile) assignment.
  3. Set up a schedule for clearing clutter. Once a month is perfect!
  4. Whenever we make efforts to sort through our things and get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose in our lives, we open up space that allows the universe to gift us with "new" and "more satisfying" things.
  5. Regarding the "Undecided Boxes: - No "toss-out" date should be longer than 3 years.
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