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The Two Forgotten Chakras


shaman67 - i was talking old method...farming not the new method where you actually got up and walked to the fields...not have a machine to do most of the things that would have been done by hand or foot 50 years ago

shaman67 - any questions?

Stones77HOST - i'm ok so far.

mert - i'm good...

OldTree - you did a great job explaining so far shaman

shaman67 - ty old tree

whorsew - well i cannot speak for corn or any field growers but i work with orchardist who do walk and many of the orchards are on hillsides and they do have chin splints.

shaman67 - see that suprises me

whorsew - but i believe it has more to do with the fact that they do not walk flat land

shaman67 - most of the farmers i have talked to over the age of sixty did not develop any problems physically until after they stopped farming

whorsew this age range is from 30-80

SapphireHOST - agree shaman...they seem to age suddenly also when they retire

shaman67 - stopped working with the earth...started using the modern conveniences and started having problems

...Caroline joined

shaman67 - the only farmer i knew who was diffrent never had a problem because he farmed until the day he died

shaman67 - questions?

OldTree - >following

shaman67 - also just because we walk the earth barefoot

monday - are these chakras color coded like the head and torso ones?

shaman67 - i have not found in any of my studies colors for these chakras

monday - k...ty

shaman67 - so i always stick with plain old white light cleansing...can't miss using that

monday - ty shaman

shaman67 - does not mean we cant pick up something from the earth.. is someone negative...has just..you dont find it as common in the open earth as you do in the city always remember all things can hold the energy and you will find it sticking around alot more because it takes time to get to the earth

Stones77HOST - is that because the earth absorbs it?

??????? shaman67 - yes the earth absorbs it and cleanses it and puts it back to good use

Stones77HOST - ok ty

shaman67 - like plants with carbon monixide...plants take it uses it changes it to oxygen...similar process takes all that nasty stuff..cleanses.. sends it back out nice clean and positive...when you do cleansing on your feet and hands dont just clean one of them clean them all...each finger tip..palms..wrist

OldTree - just like the hand chakras-- into the left and out from the right (usually)

shaman67 - yes depending on which you are dominate..in the left out the right reverse if lefty

OldTree - ty

monday my step father has a finger missing, what about this?

shaman67 - make sure they are clean and working properly

monday - i know energy of finger is still there...how to cleanse tho'?

shaman67 - your other fingers will compensate for the loss

monday - interesting

shaman67 - also you can do a visualisation if the aura is still collecting energy though that finger

shaman67 - im getting a dry mouth and im not even speaking lol

Stones77HOST - lol

OldTree - lol

monday - lol

nmHOST - lol

mert - :)

monday - >>>>>>handing glass of water to shaman

shaman67 - any question

monday - i guess your energy is going out out even tho' not thru mouth?

shaman67 - ty

Stones77HOST - not a question, but this helps me to understand why i can feel vibrations better.

shaman67 - you will notice a major diffrence when you do a cleansing of your feet and the earth and earth quakes.. be prepared for all the natual activities you will start to pick up through you hands and feet

Stones77HOST - does it have to be barefooted? or is it just the fact that we have opened these chakras and are now able to "feel" more, even through shoes?

shaman67 - touching the earth barefooted is very important...and you will feel more even with the shoes on but you are putting a blockage around your foot and more so if it is the artificial stuff everything is made of

Stones77HOST - ok, i understand, thank you.

shaman67 - i really dont have any more to say so i will sit here and answer questions if i can

Stones77HOST - thank you very much for this shaman, it is very enlightening.

mert - thank you very much...applause..applause...applause...

...Caroline left

SapphireHOST - thank you shaman for the wonderful chat :-)

shaman67 - one last thing...try to clean those chakras once a week

monday - thank you shaman, i have found this talk very interesting and learned new things

shaman67 - ty ty

nmHOST - very well done..shaman ty..
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