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The Two Forgotten Chakras

Healing Room Chat Transcript


Sunday, December 5, 1999
Time: 8PM Central Time
Guest Speaker: Shaman67
Moderator: Stones77HOST
These 2 forgotten chakras are in the hands and feet.

Stones77HOST - i would like to thank shaman67 for agreeing to come tonight and talk to us. as others come in , i will greet them in pc, if you would like to greet them also, please do that in pc as well. also please remember to put in a dot or something from time to time to help you stay in the room. shaman will tell us when he wants us to ask questions. shaman? it is all your.

shaman67 - thank you stones and i welcome you all tonight

shaman67 - i believe that if you have question ask them. i welcome all questions that are serious.. tonight i chose the two forgotten chakras the hands and the feet...we all have heard of the seven major chakras...were they're at...and what they do

SapphireHOST <:^)

shaman67 -we try to keep them in balance

mert :)

shaman67 -but are bodies are made up of many chakras, that are smaller and just as important..lets start with are hands...the main chakra there is located in the palms of both hands, depending if you are right or left handed depends on ther use...most of use are right so that is how i will begin..our left handed chakra pulls in the energy and our right is the one that sends it out...what is important about keeping this clean as we are a feeling touching society. but in the last twenty years we have strayed from that thought form we have created is do not touch do not feel lets me get what i want... any question?

Stones77HOST - so if a person is left handed, the energy come throught the right and goes out the left?

monday - if someone uses both hands,it must be the prodominent hand that sends it out???

shaman67 - yes, to both questions

mert - left handed...turning every thing around

Stones77HOST - ty

shaman67 - in this process are hands are not recieving the energys of the earth, the fellowship of sharing with others

monday - ty

shaman67 - we have become impersonal beings look at the afflictions that have risen because of this, arthritius, carpal tunnel, and others to name a few. we need to take the time to cleans our hands and feet and to work with them in todays society

shaman67 -what do you do? well we need to spend time white lighting our hands and doing things with the earth, in our hands alone we have at least seven chakras that i know about, one for each finger and thumb, one in our palms which is the main one... and one in the wrist

...Molly2 left

shaman67 - when is the last time you actually picked up something and touched it..felt it.. take a minute and think about that..we just grab and go. when you shake someones hand do you feel callouses? soft hands?

shaman67 - we are ignoring our chakras..each finger feels something.. each toe

shaman67 - any question? comment

mert -yes...what is white lightening?

...cg left

... monday left

shaman67 - when we envison white light around our hands cleaning that area of our body

Stones77HOST - yes, if a person has lost a finger in an accident, does the other chakras make up for this?

mert - okay..thank u very much..

shaman67 - yes but not right away

Stones77HOST - so they have to be "trained"?

shaman67 - we have an arua that will send false energys

shaman67 -no i beleive it is more of compensating

Stones77HOST - ok, i understand, ty, picking up the slack so to speak..now the dangers

...monday joined

shaman67 -we can pick up negative energys in our hands and feet have you ever felt nasty after being around someone who has had a bad day

monday - yes

mert - yes...

shaman67 - yes

shaman67 - or shook thire hands and felt icky

nmHOST - yes

shaman67 - well we picked up something that could be blocking those chakras it is important to do a cleansing on you. i have found that salt wash reiki good stone.. or whitel lighting does the trick

monday - salt wash reiki good stone????? please explain

shaman67 - yes when washing hands add salt to your hands salt is a purifier, reiki is a healing technique

monday - i am familiar with reiki...what about the stone part?

shaman67 - finding a stone that draws out negative energies...apache tears...hemitite, usaully a black stone

monday - k

shaman67 - i personally like hemitie then apache tear...when white lighting your hands envision white light on your hands, then scoop the crap off

shaman67 - any questions

mert - table salt or espon salt...?

shaman67 - table, sea...depends which you feel is better, some swear to table others i know have to have sea

mert - k

shaman67 - - and some i have heard using a black salt

mert - never heard of black salt.

monday - i wonder if it makes a difference in iodized or not since iodized has strong components (mineral) in it

shaman67 - i have not noticed any diffrence but it depends on the person i have used all the salts mentioned
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