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Phylameana lila Desy

Dowsing for Answers

By January 3, 2014

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pendulumDowsing - We've all been faced with making important decisions. We seek answers before deciding what to do or not to do. Dowsing is one way you can define answers to your many questions.
  • Buy or sell?
  • Move or stay?
  • Quit or not?
  • Ask for a promotion or not?
  • College or tech school?
  • Spend savings on a vacation or home improvement?
  • Coca Cola or Pepsi? (okay... maybe not for cola choices!)
The best way to get clear responses while dowsing is being grounded and through your phrasing. Phrase your probing questions in ways that will glean yes or no responses.

Tip - Don't expect to get the name of your soul mate from a pendulum unless you are willing to call out all the names from the phone book one by one.

If you are wanting to know whether you should move or not, begin by asking "Would making a move at this time be beneficial for me?" If the answer is no, you're done. But, if the answer is yes... then several more questions might follow depending on where you are considering moving to (Will I be happy living in California?, Is Colorado a good location for me to move to?, and so on...). You could also try laying a map on the floor or table. Hold the pendulum over the map, asking it to swing in the direction (East, West, North, South) for your optimal move.

The more you practice communicating with a dowsing tool the better you will get at divining the clearest answers to your inquiries. It is not unusual for beginners to get muddy answers... keep practicing!

Getting Started - First you must determine how your dowsing tool (L rods, Y rod, pendulum, or a bobber) communicates for you. A clockwise swing could mean a yes for you, but this same motion could mean no for someone else. Read my how to use a pendulum article to learn how to choose a pendulum, how cleanse it, and how to go about determining what its various movements mean... for YOU!

In addition to getting no and yes responses, you can use your defining tools for other things. Dowsing can help you develop your intuitive nature in general. Also, dowsing can assist you finding lost objects, evaluate the flow of your chakras (open or blocked), identify blocked chi areas in your home, etc.

Note: The pendulum in the photo shown here is my bat totem pendulum I purchased from Wild Reiki & Shamanic Healing, LLC.

photo Phylameana lila Desy

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January 4, 2014 at 8:24 am
(1) blair says:

Great article, very clear. I find it difficult to encapsulate my description of dowsing in a few short phrases! I work for the American Society of Dowsers, Inc. In VT a membership based non-profit whose aim is to educate people about dowsing and to facilitate the spread of knowledge about the ancient art. Please check out our website for more information or to become a member. While you’re there you can view our bookstore which has over 2,500 unique titles on dowsing and metaphysics. Great job on this article, perhaps you’d like to submit something to our quarterly digest? It’s distributed worldwide and is a great platform for connecting with other Dowsers and to share ideas. Let us know! Thanks.

January 5, 2014 at 12:21 pm
(2) Danica says:

I have used pendulums before, and have found lost objects with it. But like you said in your article, you have to ask specific questions. I drew a layout of my upstairs, but forgot downstairs! The object I was looking for was downstairs lol.
I have also used a pendulum for seeing the state of chakras, when the chakra is under balanced, the pendulum swings small and slowly – I have discovered that when a person thinks a happy thought, it actually opens the chakras up! When a person thinks or speaks negatively, the opposite happens. It was quite fascinating to watch :)
Thank you for this article, it reminded me that I need to use mine more often to receive aid from those beings who I can not see with my physical eyes <3

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