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Phylameana lila Desy

Boudoir Photography

By February 20, 2013

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Healing Photo of the Week

Photographer Tiffany I. Smith says:

My boudoir work is a HUGE focus for me, because I really incorporate my healing background into the session. My boudoir sessions are all about reconnecting a woman with her divine self, and empowering her to view her body in a healed way. We then showcase our pre-work by doing one kick-ass photo session that sends her confidence through the roof. I'm all about challenging the media perception of what a woman's body should look like, and helping her realize the BEAUTY she truly is!

I had the opportunity to communicate with Tiffany this week as part of my task of connecting with reader nominated healers for the annual About.com Readers' Choice Award (RCA) for Holistic Healing. Voting got underway this morning.

Tiffany was nominated and ultimately chosen as a finalist for Best Intuitive Artist along with four other talented artists (who I will introduce to you in coming days). She sent me the story of her amazing personal journey, of pushing past survival and learning to live a more passionate life... you can read it here.

One of the benefits of being selected as a finalist in the RCAs is that I offer to create a finalist profile for them. I do this for two reasons. First, to introduce them to my readers and second, to shine a little light on them for their good works. Healers often grow upwards from a place of pain or struggle. While in search for their own well being they gather knowledge along the way in which to share with others. Such is the path of seekers, healers, and lightworkers. In hosting the RCAs, and serving as the Guide to Holistic Healing here at About.com I too am fulfilling my path as a healer... planting seeds and nuturing seedlings.

More RCA Finalists I've connected with so far are:

Connie Dohan, Favorite Angel Intuitive Finalist, became very ill in her 30s, misdiagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease she was forced to take a different path.... read her story

Most Inspirational Person Finalist, Sue Kenney's life took a different path after a corporate downsizing. Hers is a story of a spiritual journey.

Jordanna Eyre, Favorite Life Coach Finalist, realized at an early age where she fit into the world... yet she had to first focus on healing from an eating disorder... read her story.

Madeleine Walker, Favorite Animal Communicator Finalist, started out by working in conventional veterinary medicine, but working with the animals opened her up to a deeper spiritual connection... read her story

Kathy Trew ( her Trew Believers Pendulums Charts is among Five Best Healer Tool Finalists) has learned that Intuition is our connection to Spirit and has been lead to aid others in making that same connection.... read about her pendulum charts

Best Spiritual Radio Show or Pod-Cast Finalist, Cari Murphy, had a near death experience in 1997. Afterwards she realized how powerful she is (all of us are) and set out to create a more purposeful life... read her story

These are only a few of the finalists that I've connected with. My email box awaits me with more stories to read. I will share more tomorrow and more the day after that...

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photo Tiffany I Smith, www.auraatelier.com

February 20, 2013 at 9:02 am
(1) Susan says:

Interesting. One wouldn’t normally think of boudoir photography as a healing process, but I can see how it can be. We also need photographers who can see and capture the beauty of older faces — find the beauty in the lines and creases instead of trying to soft focus them out of existence.

February 20, 2013 at 12:02 pm
(2) Tiffany says:

Susan, I totally agree!

I don’t believe that boudoir necessarily has to be in your undies! For me, boudoir is a feeling…it’s intimate, emotional and fun!

I believe that women of all ages should do a boudoir! With the right photographer, it’s empowering and liberating!

I wish I had more mature women in more portfolio! One of the most exciting inquires I have received this year was from a woman who wants to book a session for her 60th birthday! I love that, and want more clients like that! Beauty has no age! It’s a feeling that radiates from the inside out!

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