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Phylameana lila Desy

Digging Deep to Find Root Causes of Hurts

By January 25, 2013

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ouch January 25, 2013 - Root Causes - A Bandaid has its purpose... it is used to protect and keep superficial wounds clean during the healing process. Better yet, would to not be injured at all. When a child continually comes running to their parents with bruises and scrapes to the knee, moms and dads will want to figure out why little Billy keeps injuring himself. What could be causing his clumsiness? Is the playground where he plays unsafe? Perhaps a bullish playmate is pushing him. Parents would want to know if there is a physical reason why Billy is accident prone, or if Billy is simply not being mindful of his surroundings or taking dare-devilish risks (jumping from high places, running too fast on gravel, etc.).

Parental concern over Billy's scraped knee injuries is an example of investigating the cause of injury or dis-ease. This is how you will want to explore your own injuries. Being accident prone is a clue that something is not right. Treating the wound is an immediate response to injury. But, once the wound is no longer bleeding and any painful symptoms have been addressed it is beneficial to explore your vulnerabilities so a similar injury will not be repeated.

Bandages and pill popping are quick fixes to our hurts, and although these treatments can bring relief they are not the answer to the root causes of illness. Your dis-eases are begging for your attention, seeking a permanent resolution. There is no one way to discover the root cause of your health challenges, but the desire to know is a good place to start. Explore genetic pathways (learn how dis-eases are inherited) and review your lifestyle and dietary choices. Could a lack of exercise be causing havoc with your health? Consulting with an energy medicine practitioner or hypnotherapist could also be helpful in uncovering root cause mysteries.

image Dyanna Hyde, Flickr Creative Commons

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