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Phylameana lila Desy

New Year Resolutions

By December 28, 2012

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noise maker December 28, 2012 - New Year Resolutions - It has become a tradition for me to announce my new year resolutions each year to my readers. I believe putting my intent in writing gives it power. Although, putting my resolutions out there in a public way is kind of scary because everyone knows that new year resolutions are notorious for failing. I'm no different from anyone else. My best made plans don't always pan out for me. Still, you won't see me giving up the challenge. I'm a champion of new year resolutions. I love what each new calendar year promises... a fresh canvas for my messy finger paints.

I have goals, aspirations, and a strong desire to do better both personally and professionally. Because I try to strife to live a holistic healing lifestyle and also write about mind-body-spirit topics (spirituality, wellness, self empowerment, etc.) it isn't unusual for my resolution choices to straddle both arenas (personal and work).

Over the years I have become more gentle with myself in choosing my resolutions. Big ambitions are great... but I'm cautious not to sabotage the journey before I get started by expecting to much of myself. Setting manageable goals is more my style.

I've been thinking about my 2013 New Year Resolution might be for about two weeks now and have come to the realization that disorganization is an ongoing problem I've struggled in the past year. I waste time looking for misplaced items. Plus getting things done is more of an effort because I'm not organized.

So...DRUM ROLL please: My resolution this year is Organize! Organize! Organize!

Becoming more organized will involve my focus on many areas on the home front (sorting through closets, file cabinets, storage bins, and more) and also with my work, especially maintaining this site. Fifteen years of writing equates to several articles that need managing, updating, and better categorizing... wish me luck!

How about you? What are your new year resolutions?

noise maker Jesse757, Flickr Creative Commons

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