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Phylameana lila Desy

Elusive Lucidity

By February 8, 2010

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I was able to attain lucidity in my dream while sleeping last night. I woke up around seven o'clock this morning and lay in bed reviewing my spectacular adventure. My recall was so vivid! I was so proud of myself for being lucid. But, instead of getting up and writing down the details I drifted back to sleep. When I awoke again at 8:15 a.m. only fragments of those memories remained. Mostly, all I remember is that it was wonderful... details are a blur now.

Lucid dreaming is the knack of being aware that you are dreaming and having the ability to manipulate your dream sequences. It is kind of like being both the screenwriter and the director of your own movie. It is really cool to be able to be a lucid dreamer. Unfortunately, I'm no expert at being able to stay in a lucid state while dreaming. I often wake up mid-lucidity... then I think "Rats" wishing I could have continued playing out a particular dream story.

Maybe lucid dreaming isn't all that important. Sarah Forde, one of my Facebook friends says " I can do lucid dreaming when I want, but my really important dreams have to come as messages, as things I observe and not be able to control. They're good but ...sometimes we need to let them come as they were meant to..." Sarah also tells me that she will return to her lucid dreaming once the message is given. Sarah is probably right about not getting too wrapped up into trying to be lucid. We often go through our days trying to "control" everything. Sleep is meant to give us rest, and our dreams are a nice escape from our wakeful struggles and can be a way of opening ourselves up to "whatever" information or lessons we need.

Still, lucid dreaming could be a useful tool to help you feel confident and more in control, especially at times when your waking life feels chaotic or out of your control. I know when I feel like I'm in a rut and feeling bored with my routine, a spicy lucid dream can really perk me up. Lucid dreaming is much more intense and emotionally fulfilling than daydreaming or fantasizing.

Have you mastered the art of lucid dreaming? Please share your dream experiences, also give tips to help others who want to begin getting lucid in their sleep.

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February 9, 2010 at 1:44 am
(1) Alyssaa says:

hello Phylameana, I found this article very interesting because I have had some amazing lucid dreaming experiences myself. I have developed my techniques (to some extent) that if im having a dream that has began to be unenjoyable, I can sort of take control and redirect it a bit so that it continues to be enjoyable and as we both know nothing gos better with a goods night sleep then an enjoyable dream that you recall when you have arisen. It is a nice start!
Thanks for sharing your dream experiences and I hope you get to have a longer one next time. have a great day
Alyssa A.

April 7, 2010 at 2:35 pm
(2) J says:

I’m so excited I stumbled across this article. I have had “lucid” dreams but did not know there was a name for it. It really is a great feeling to manipulate your dreams to act and do things you would never be brave enough to do in real life!

I do have one question, and maybe someone can answer or has had the same experience? I’ve noticed some times when I’m in the process of entering into a lucid dream, it takes several “tries” because I find myself gasping for breath and awakening, as if I had stopped breathing momentarily. Is this normal and has anyone else had this happen?

Thanks again for this article!

April 22, 2011 at 1:27 am
(3) jim says:

hey j, when your wake up and are unable to breathe this is called Sleep Paralysis.(your body waves are still too slow and your mind is awake and body is still asleep because(not sure) but the body is using gamma waves(longer) and the mind is using alpha waves( shorter) This is one step before you are able to enter an O.B.E.(out of body experience)(when the spirit leaves teh body and goes to the astral plane.) i have had this paralysis before and its scary. almost like a lead blanket is on you. Also everyone experiences sleep paralysis it happens every night during sleep. this is so when your running in a dream you dont run right out of your bed and into the street.

April 7, 2010 at 4:43 pm
(4) bob loosemore says:

Good post – wonderful subject. I have seen ‘lucid’ dreams described as one where you think you are awake, not just a clear dream. My experience after a life-long ‘study’ is that most dreams are to random and surreal to be remembered except in very short snatches, and then you have to be aware that it can make no sense at all.

Dreams certainly are not memories or comprised of memory fragments only. There is some kind of creativity going on – but NOT by you! This is the really fascinating aspect to me, that it is a glimpse into another part of you which is not impressed by reason or logic. I believe that most people rearrange their dreams on waking up, or shortly thereafter, into a logical form, just like random marks can be seen as ‘something’ ‘Belief’ comes into the equation then – that’s when I stop listening…..

April 7, 2010 at 10:33 pm
(5) eunice says:

This is interesting. I am able to control my dreams, well at least not everything but what I do in the dream given a situation. Does that count as lucid dream?

However, whenever I do have a dream (which most of the time I can control), I feel tired when I wake up. Feels like I didn’t sleep or got some rest at all.

April 8, 2010 at 8:31 pm
(6) Eternal says:

Yes, I have dreams of this nature on several occasions since I was a child and learned to train myself to keep consciousness in my dreams (even the frightening ones), but this doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I never knew this actually had a name for it though. One that I still reflect on that I dreamt about 1 year ago. In the dream I was laying down beside my exhusband and we were carrying on a casual conversation. I was aware that I was dreaming and was going to watch how it all played out. Until my inner thoughts told me right then to “tell him”, “he needs to hear”, and “tell him now”. And the words that came from my lips were “I miss you”, and he looked at me in shock. They were the exact words he was looking for me to say he said, we cried, and so happy.

But, I guess it was just a dream and far from reality, as we had divorced 4 years ago, not on speaking terms, and thousands of miles a part due to our different countries that we reside in. But, I can’t help but wonder once in a while if he also had the same dream and awareness that night. Guess I’ll never know.

April 6, 2014 at 9:24 am
(7) bryzone - lucid dream zippy says:

drop into the Alpha zone and in so doing initiate meditation
immediately. This exercise will start to reinforce within youu
that dreams are now very important to you and worth paying attention to.

It is better for a person to take a journal and write whatever
he remembers about his dream.

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