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Phylameana lila Desy

Carnival of Healing #199

By July 25, 2009

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Welcome to the 199th edition of the Carnival of Healing. The carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Without any further wait, let's start clicking away into the healing links this week's carnival invites...

Consumer Awareness

Brain Blogger remarks on the savviness of marketers enticing consumers by merely including the word "Natural" on product labels. Just because something is natural, it does not make it good. Here's the argument: "Arsenic sandwich anyone? Mercury soup, deadly nightshade surprise? No? Really? Well, I’m baffled! They’re all natural you know. And as we know, natural is good; natural is pure. Best of all, natural is healthy"

And, here's some help for the organic consumer. Health Fitness How To weighs out the value of buying higher prices for organic fruits and vegetables.

What about Now? Focusing on Next

Everyone talks about the importance of living in the moment, but we all know that this is hard to do with tasks that need our attention as we move forward. Donald Latumahina writes about focusing on the next task to increase productivity. His productivity tip takes you out of living in the moment, but will steer your mind away from being FAR OUT in the past or future distractions.

Facing Your Fears and Vulnerabilities

Before you click through to Scientific Living go get a piece of paper and pencil. Okay, go get your favorite ink pen then. Does anyone ever use pencils anymore? You're going to make a list of your ten biggest fear. Don't be scared, it is an experiment that will hopefully teach us fearlessness. Beyond the experiment, this is an informative read about how our irrational minds trick us into being afraid.

Okay, here's another post by Christopher X. Gerber about fear. Christopher focuses on social anxiety and the dynamics of conversation between two or more people.

Shamelle asks Do You Belong?. This post tugs on our vulnerabilities. At one time or another everyone feels like an outsider.

Nature Lessons

In this post Jennifer Mannion shares a personal lesson she learned from a mother robin while walking the Crystal Labyrinth, in Brookfield NY. Walking a labyrinth is a reflective journey of the spirit. And, so it was for Jennifer.

Christopher Foster shares a personal story about how the appearance of a fox into his life helped lift him out of clinical depression. Christopher named the fox Freddy, and calls his helping others, and ourselves. He wants you to listen to your own needs and not to be sacrificing your own needs while in the endeavor of helping others. I agree! Our heath depends on creating balance in our lives.

Health Tips

I don't know about you, but I love a hot, steamy shower. But, if you are trying to ward off bugs or viruses, you could possibly strengthen your immune system with a cold shower.

How Not to Get a Heart Attack

  • Know Your Risk Factors
  • Heart-Clogging Causes You Can Avoid
  • Save Your Heart with Cardiotonic Foods
Crystal Protection

Astrid Lee writes about the absorption properties of tourmaline crystals, specifically protecting yourself from negativity with black tourmaline. This reminds me of a black tourmaline that I purchased at psychic fair several years ago. I clasped onto the piece as soon as I saw it, I was drawn to it immediately. Not for its prettiness, because truthfully it is not that beautiful. But, it worked magically as the grounding and protective tool that I really needed on that particular day. Psychic fairs can be filled with negativity in the crowds. This is because these types of gatherings tend to draw out needy or desperate people looking for answers.

Law of Attraction Skepticism

Kaushik Chokshi, says the Law of Attraction is not wrong, it is just upside down. Also, according to his writing, Joe Vitale, one of the original cheerleaders of the Law of Attraction is reversing his opinion of LOA. I had not heard about Joe's turn-a-bout. Is it true? I'll have to investigate further.

Self-proclaimed Law of Attraction skeptic, Ian Moore, posts Portland Oregon, A Projection of Myself.

For the Love of God or Buddha Ending the Carnival with a bit of Laughter

James Lockley says "Laughter workshops and laughter yoga can be incredibly liberating and fun..."

Thank You for Your Attendance

Looking Back: Last week the Carnival of Healing was hosted by Liani Widjaja at Aromatherapy at Home
Looking Forward: Next edition of the carnival (August 01) will be hosted by Carolyn Townes, at Becoming a Woman of Purpose

Thank you for coming. I hope to see you again next week.

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July 25, 2009 at 9:11 pm
(1) Brad says:

Thanks for hosting. I think we all love a hot steamy shower, but now I always at least end my shower with a couple minutes of cold water. It just doesn’t feel complete without it.

July 26, 2009 at 3:16 am
(2) Christopher X. Gerber says:

Hi, thanks for linking to my blog! The link however goes to my most recent post, so if anyone is interested in the above mentioned post, it’s here

July 26, 2009 at 9:45 am
(3) Phylameana says:

Christopher, sorry I messed up the link to your blog. It is fixed now.

July 27, 2009 at 6:53 am
(4) ooffoo says:

Thanks so much for featuring the article posted by James Lockley on ooffoo. This is a really full and inspiring carnival – we particularly enjoyed the pieces on fearlessness, Freddy the Fox and the dynamics of conversation. Thanks again.

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