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Communicating with Your Spirit Animal

By March 12, 2009

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Forum member CherryNFosk posted this message in our holistic healing forum with questions about animal totems. Cherry is seeking advice on how to go about connecting with her spirit animal while meditating.

Cherry wrote:

Is there any way that you can force an animal guardian to reject or abandon you? Do you have to 'earn' the companionship of a spirit guide, or do you have automatic right to it when you're born? When I was about 12, my Grandmother, who is VERY spiritually active, gave me a book for Christmas that was dictated from Indians on how to find your special spirit animal. My mum scoffed at it and called her a crazy old woman, but I was excited by it because I loved animals and loved the idea of a spirit animal.

Well, from what I can remember, the book said to meditate until you were able to maintain mental calm, and then picture a warm and comfortable place, and imagine yourself offering a piece of food {but not to concentrate on what type of food it was...just the idea of food was enough}, and pray for your spirit animal to come forth. Then you would be able to communicate with it, ask it for guidance and advice, stuff like that. Well I got all excited because I loved the look of wolves, and I thought my animal spirit must be a wolf. So I practiced meditating until I felt I was ready, then I did the 'ritual', and I imagined sitting cross-legged in an earthy den, warm and safe, and asked my spirit animal to come over. Well I instantly got a clear-as picture of a big red fox, sitting there in front of me, grinning with his tongue out, fluffy brush wrapped around his feet.

I was so disappointed that I tried to force the image of a wolf, but all I got was this fox, always grinning, and I got very angry because it just wasn't what I wanted. After all, to me, foxes weren't big and tough and strong and cool.

And it isn't until now, that I'm breaching 21, that I realize that I might have lost a big and important part of my life. I read about spirit guides in a magazine at my doctor's office, and it advised to think about what animal you see most in your life, and what it means to you.
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December 6, 2009 at 7:49 am
(1) jackson says:

i hope you looked up foxes…and what they mean. because of how strong it seems that you saw a fox…i bet it is. i am just about to start this process. i have been trying to think of all sorts of animals…to give my mind some things to work with. Your kinship to this animal is a great one….learn what you can. this isn’t your pet..its your guide…be open to it…and you can learn alot! best wishes

January 23, 2010 at 6:23 pm
(2) clarissa says:

im trying 2 find my spirit animal and im pretty bsure its a wolf. i grew up with 2 or 3 dogs at a time and learned doglish when i was 3. but id be okay with a ox.

April 3, 2011 at 2:08 pm
(3) Jannie says:

Hey, it doesn’t matter what your favorite animal is, or what animal you’re most similar to, etc…the animal chooses YOU. Just thought I would let you know :)

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