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Carnival of Healing #122: Homecoming

By January 26, 2008

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The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Welcome to today's edition of Carnival of Healing. This week the carnival enjoys a homecoming, "returning to its roots" you might say. My hope is that you will experience relief for your ailments and renewal for your spirit while reviewing this week's carnival attractions. Coming home has a way of bringing up memories and also softening ours hearts in regard to past mis-steps. It is important to honor the beginning of our journey from time to time. So my "piece of advice" to you is to return to that place in your life from where you first attempted to break away from old patterns and explore new opportunities. As you honor that place from whence you came, take a few minutes to once again breathe in the strength it took to break free of it. Bask in the joy of your accomplishments so far. Enjoy this break from the rush of getting THERE. Take time to review THEN occasionally or you will certainly lose your way. NOW: Pause, Relax, and Rejuvinate. TOMORROW you can continue on your path with renewed energy and focus.

On with the carnival attractions in no particlar order:

Joshua Wagner wants us to slow down and to be choosy in our activities in his blog post Focus on One Thing at a Time (Diversity is Death). He says "There are five areas of our life that we need to maintain- Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Professional, and Social. Those are the five necessary components to being a happy person, and yet we have to prioritize even those areas. "

In another post, Joshua, delights me by including a Trapeze Act among our carnival attractions. If you have an urge to embrace your "Inner Monkey" or tackle a fear of heights, take to the ropes. Hey Josh, love, LOVE, the Tarzan and Jane pic!

Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D. posts Giving Birth To Yourself. She says "Giving birth to yourself can happen at any age. You could be in your 70's, you could be a teenager, you might be in your mid-thirties: it makes no difference, you can make this exhilarating change in your life at any time."

Mike Remer writes about reframing our attitudes about work and play in his post Wish Exercise wasn't so Hard?

FitBuff gives us simple post: 4 Tips on How to Live Longer... nothing new here, just plain ol' good reminder that a healthy lifestyle increases your life expectancy.

Good advice is given by David B. Bohl. He says "Learn to create an entirely new thought pattern in your life by slowing down and taking in the grand view of everything around you." David offers two grand lessons for turning away from negatitivy in his blog post Create Your Own Paradigm Shifts By Dumping the Negative.

Akemi from Gratitude Magic blog says "...if you are the one who regret[s] what you did, own what you did, make apologies when possible, forgive yourself and live better." Read full post >>> presents Forgive, Not Forget.

Lorraine Cohen challenges readers to answer the question "What do you love about yourself? in her post What Makes You Fabulous, Lovable, Wonderfull?..? If this type of questioning makes you uncomfortable or baffles you then Lorraine's post was meant for your eyes. I love the name Lorraine by the way! Beautiful!

Lovelyn, The Art of Balanced Living, gives detailed instructions forSelf Massage for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Tupelo Kenyon posts a thoughtful (yet lengthy) post How to Accelerate Manifestation. Tupelo says, "Whenever a new desire or grand plan is born within us, the tendency is to share it with others. Every time we talk about it, the energy of the dream seems to deflate a little more, until it becomes merely a topic of idle chatter. Why is that? How can we add to the excitement and urgency of our dreams instead, and speed up their manifestation?

Astrid Lee lists several ways for you to get chi moving in her post Feng Shui Tips For Your Home - Today. Astrid says "I hope you benefit from this quick list of 15 things you can easily do to bring in positive change in your life, today!" One object placement she suggests is putting a "cone shape hat" in your self-knowledge area. Whoa... many people associate pointy hats in the classroom as dunce caps meant to humiliate students. But history indicates that the cone shape is really intended as a tool to funnel in energies. The cone-hat pplacement is meant to draw in knowledge. Just make sure you understand the "intent" when using this Feng Shui cure. Intent is King! or should I say Wizard?

Astrid also posts a comprehensive overview of the benefits of distant healing.

Aparna posts Sleeping for long hours is not good for health saying, "Insomnia is by far the most talked about and discussed sleep disorder. Tons of information is available on this topic and countless remedies are suggested by all and sundry to overcome this problem. Comparatively, excessive sleep and its effects on health rarely get so much attention and this issue hardly finds a place in the conversation of laymen."

Jenn Givler encourages reader's to report examples of wonky flummoxing in her post Marketing as Wonky Flummoxing. Jen says "When marketing comes from fear and lack, it gets aggressive. But when it comes from a place of fullness and love, it's about being who you are, building relationships, and offering value to those who need you."

Gilly Marcelli suggests Peppermint Tea as an Aid For Stomach Problems

Carole G. McKay presents her view that some parents have abandoned their children, giving their parenting responsibilities over to technology (television, video games, the Internet, etc.) in her post Heal The Children

This ends today's carnival. Thank you for attending.

Last Week: Astrid Lee fromWe Are One World Healing hosted.
Looking Forward: Next week (Feb 2) the carnival will be hosted by John Robben at Where We Relax.

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