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Simple Hand Reflexology Techniques

By October 14, 2007

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holistic healingSince reading David Vennells' book Healing Hands I have been applying some of his hand reflexology techniques each morning and again in the evening. Whereas a full hand reflexology treatment would take forty--five minutes, his warmup exercises take only about ten minutes. Vennells suggests doing a full treatment weekly and applying the 10-minute technique once or twice daily.

The subtitle to his book is Simple and practical reflexology techniques for developing good health and inner peace. and that says it all. Vennells says "The key to success with this technique is to practice it every day."

My routine has been to apply the hand techniques each morning. I repeat them in the evening while laying in bed. The techniques were simple to learn and I can easily apply them while laying in a dark room.

I attempted to teach the techniques to my husband by giving him a treatment. He became so relaxed that he chose not to focus on learning them. He prefers having me do his hands for him. I decided to take this to my advantage by bargaining with him.. I traded him a week's worth of reflexology treatments in exchange for his photography skills. I had him set up a shoot of my hands demonstrating the basic hand reflexology techniques used in the ten-minute self-treatment. I think the pictures turned out great. You'll have to get your hands on David Vennells' book to learn the techniques for the full treatment, but this pictorial sampler will get you started.
Use of Hands as Healing Tools - Our hands are instinctual healing tools. Hand applications are used in a variety of holistic healing therapies.

Affirmation of the Day

hands photo: Joe Desy
January 17, 2011 at 2:30 am
(1) Dana Meadors says:

I have never dreamed I could feel this way again. My hands have hurt so bad for so long until my girlfriend started to do the 10 step on them !!!! OH MY IT IS AWESOME!! The 1st time I cried I couldn’t stop (it was a good cry of relief) then the next time I fell asleep. She did it for 5 days then she stopped. So after a week or so is when it began to bother me again which is good considering not one day has gone by that I’ve not felt this pain. The purpose of this letter was to say…… I feel very blessed to have begin to know and experience the wonder and healing in what we call….. Reflexology!


I don’t know how to send energies or I would all day long sorry I wish I understood how.

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