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How Do I Search For Myself?

By October 23, 2006

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Jaelin K. Reece has updated her Ask A Life Coach Column today with some interesting questions from our readers.

Featured questions include:

I just can't seem to get motivated and I feel like I'm always looking for something that's going to 'work' whether it's a new diet, a new workout video, a new alternative therapy... yet I'm still in a rut.
read full question and Jaelin's response

I feel hurt. What am I really afraid of?
read full question and Jaelin's response

How do I search for myself when I don't know where to start?
read Jaelin's response

I need help in getting momentum toward a goal, a direction, but am struggling with it. Do you have any suggestions to give me a push?
read full question and Jaelin's response

Who is Jaelin K. Reece?

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