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Carnival of Healing #55 Wishbones

By October 14, 2006

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Welcome to the 55th edition of the Carnival of Healing. Our carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Last evening my husband and I had a baked chicken for our supper. I ended up with the wishbone on my plate. This got me to thinking about wishes. On Thanksgiving my older sister and I were given the wishbone from the turkey to wish upon. Each of us would close our eyes, make a silent wish, and give the brittle bone a firm tug. I usually came out the loser until one year when a boy in my school told me a little secret. He told me not to tug on the wishbone. He advised me to hold my end of the wishbone firmly but not to tug on it. The person who tugs at the bone will cause the bone to snap at the weakest point and you will win the wish. He was right! I won! However, I was so determined to try out his theory that I forgot to make a wish.

Anyway, back to my thoughts about wishes and wish fulfillment. I think the whole "wishbone ritual" is flawed. Why should only one person get their wish, while the other person is denied? I guess that is true when there is only one prize to be won. But, sometimes when wishes are not fulfilled it just wasn't meant to be. I like to think it only means that something better will come along. Is that wishful thinking?

Wishes aside for now... let's check out this week's carnival attractions.

Artist Catherine Whipple, Self Help Healing Arts Journal, writes about her healing art project in her post Self Esteem Building Activity: "Remember". She creates a positive affirmations book. This reminds me of my Manifesting Scrapbook. Catherine writes:
    I continued to write affirmations on each page until I felt I had addressed all the negative feelings I was dealing with. Then I went back and began to fill in each page with artwork; either by cutting and pasting in images from magazines, or by drawing and using markers and colored pencils.
Having just experienced "a brush with death" Patricia, A Better You Blog, postsCar Accidents: Will You Make It Home Today?. Patricia writes:
    It happens everyday. People do not make it home. But more people make it home everyday than do not. If we focus on what tragedy might happen, we are stuck in negativity and frozen in fear. If we take these reminders as blessings, we squeeze more out of every minute and taste how good life can really be... Enjoy life as if this were your last minute, and as if you had an infinite supply of last minutes.
Laurie, Home Natural Remedies, shares her Cancer Prevention Salad which is made with her favorite Super Foods. Her flaxseed, garlic, and rosemary dressing sounds interesting. Crunchy pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top complete her healthy salad.

Aparna, Beauty & Personality Grooming shares her grandmother's home remedies for cooling down a fever. She says "Try out these simple remedies only in mild cases of fever or along with the doctor’s treatment."

Ruth, Eating Fabulous, posts Let Food Be Your Medicine. She asks "Do you believe in the power of nutrition to heal?"

Brandon Peele, Generative Transformation, reviews The Future of the Body. Brandon writes:
    When I was loaned this book by my friend, a long-time spiritual seeker and devotee of Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga, I knew that I was meant to read this now. I know why. This book is the skeptic’s bridge into higher consciousness, human potential and transformation.
Wenchypoo posts A Nutrition Label Epiphany (L-O-N-G). This is not so much a LONG post as it is a FAT post. She writes:
    ...since the 2006 [FDA] rule change, all trans fats must be listed—since there is a space premium on this label, something had to be removed, and this meant the polyunsaturated listing had to go. According to the government, we’re not supposed to be concerned with them anyway, so why not just leave them out?
Linda Freedman, Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, posts Using Bad Health to Get What You Want. I GET what she is talking about. I wrote an article about this very subject (Hurdles to Wellness: Benefits of Being Sick). Linda focuses on the relationship dynamic of using sickness as a means to extract sympathy and attention from other people.

A little levity amidst daily life chaos: Madeleine Begun Kane, Mad Kane's Humor Blog, posts How To Disorganize Your Life.

Thanks to everyone, our carnival contributors AND carnival attendees, for participating in this week's carnival.

May all your Wishes come true!

Last week the carnival was hosted at Spiral Visions. Next week (October 21) Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul will be our hosting blog. Affirmation of the Day

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October 14, 2006 at 8:18 pm
(1) Ollin says:

I love all those thingies that “allow” you to make a wish, except this one… cos i’m a vegetarian…
I’ve heard that when you find a coin on the street, you can make a wish, then is the eyelash, that if you blow it at the first attempt will come true… then is also one about the first star in the sky… i don’t remember any other by now…


October 15, 2006 at 4:00 pm
(2) gr8face says:

I’m so glad I found this site. Wonderful info.

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