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Carnival of Healing #11: For The Love Of Autumn

By October 8, 2005

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Welcome to the 11th edition of the Carnival of Healing. This week I can't seem to shake off the chill of the change in seasons. Every year I find myself "Falling in Love" with the Fall. I've been so absorbed with the season that I forgot to sit down and consider a theme for this week's carnival. But... I guess that took care of itself didn't it?

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The cooling crisp temperatures and color changes entice my spirit. The orange and red hues on the horizon warm my life blood. Few things smell fresher than an Autumn Morning.

Taking a Jaunt Down Memory Lane
    My earliest memory of the fall season was when I was nearing four years of age. I have a November birthday, and this memory was during the month of September or October. My older sister and I were in the front yard of our home playing with a couple of the older neighbor kids who lived across the street. I remember us picking up pretty colored leaves that had dropped onto the ground from the tree branches above us. The beauty of the colorful leaves amazed me. We children thought of them as treasures. As kids will do, we devised a plot. We decided to go door-to-door selling these nature treasures. We managed to get a handful of coins selling our beauties. But I was "shocked" when an ill-tempered neighbor told us that they were not worth any money. The cranky woman told us that she could easily step outside and pick up some for herself for free and shoo'd us off her front porch. My mother later confirmed that leaves were not to be sold but that they were indeed free to whomever. Mom also made us return the money which didn't make us very happy. This was my first lesson about why the best things in life are free.
Elisa Camahort posts Getting My Walk On about vowing to step away from her desk and getting out in the fresh air in her blog, the hip & zen pen. Healthy suggestion Elisa! I'd much rather be jumping into a pile of leaves outdoors than shuffling through a pile of emails while inside stuck at my computer.

I often found myself daydreaming as I gazed lazily out my window this past week as I sifted through numerous emails. Among my emails were a few blog carnival submissions that caught my attention. I couldn't figure out how to weave all of them into my Love of Autumn theme. It's hard to be creative when you just plunged yourself head first into a pile of imaginary leaves. Here are the stragglers that didn't quite fit the theme just the same:

Cary Miller blogs about evidence-based alternative cancer treatments in her Cancer NewsWatch Blog. She submits Mistletoe Extract As Effective As Immunotherapy For Superficial Bladder Cancer Without The Side-Effects. More recently she blogs about the new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

Kalypso's Day Dreams submits Dazed Day. Kaly opens a discussion about "Shaman Lover" as Jung defines the Shadow within us.

DeputyHeadmistress from The Common Room submits A Blast from the Past a blog about dealing with doctors who do not approve of her parenting practices.

Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality submits Newton's first law of dieting. Josh says that our bodies sabbotage us when we attempt to diet and lose weight.

Looking back: Last week's carnival was hosted at Intuitive Living Blog

Looking ahead: Next week the carnival will be hosted at Crossroads Dispatches. Evelyn Rodriguez says "Personally, I'd love to have a integrated with your life & business slant for the (carnival) theme."

Check the carnival hosting schedule to see who is hosting the carnival in upcoming weeks. Also, if you are interested in hosting the carnival at your blog please email me at healing.guide@about.com

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