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Phylameana lila Desy

Reader Response to Indigo Movie Review

By February 17, 2005

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Reader Response from Robbin OConnor - Re: Review of the Indigo Movie... it was affirmation of my gut reaction to children supposedly being "Indigo".
I live near Sedona, Az. I often study there and take classes.. I am a Reiki Master, an Ordained Spiritualist Minister..and have just started my internet site to provide spiritual links and to give readings. So I am exposed to many wonderful sources...and a lot of hooey as well. I have observed
(mostly in Sedona) that the term Indigo is so loosely used...and mostly used by New Age parents who have no clue on how to raise their obnoxiously behaviour-challenged offspring. It easier for them to proclaim that their children are Indigo, than to set healthy boundaries and take the time to raise their children.
As for the new movie "Indigo"... I would not purchase tickets nor attend. I felt that the whole production and sale of tickets was on the same level as a con game. My friends got swept into it...worked so hard to sell tickets... and it appeared about as legit as a pyramid scheme. Many good and honest spiritual organizations jumped on the bandwagon without checking into all the details...they were sold on the name of Neil, who has a home in the area and is the local celeb around here. I love his Conversations with God books...but come on? This was garbage...

Robbin OConnor

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